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Continue enjoying your weekend while we bring you another word of our Dominican English Dictionary, and if you want to know all the words we have published so far, you can find the list at the bottom of this article.


The Dominican word of this week is “teteo,” which we are sure you have seen in the newspaper headlines. The colloquial noun teteo has become widespread to refer to a party, dance, or rumba. The word has been used to describe the gatherings that violate the anti-covid regulations imposed by the Dominican Government.


Dar bandaDesacataoDique or Dizqueklkgaviarsejumoguayarsedeguabinaojarturayeyochepaempepillarmoriquetadecricajemotetepintatimbíclavochapuseromanganzóntituajociadorpecozónpariguayochivatoquillaobulteroagallúarranca’oaperoamemaobojotebochetiguereguamasochichónpelelenguabatatascorodetaltalaocarajitoarretaochinaficiao barriga llena corazon contento, and many more!

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*Definition by Fundéu Guzmán Ariza