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It’s time to take out your Dominican English vocab list once again! We welcome you back to this new edition of our incredibly amusing and educating Dominican English dictionary, just to refresh your memories we would love to mention the words that we have previously published (jumo, guayarse, deguabinao, jartura, yeyo, chepa, dique).

Dominicans are creative people, something which is especially evident, in the way we talk – often using words that are not listed in the dictionary.

If a Dominican is getting ready to go out to a special event such as a cocktail party or maybe even a romantic dinner, you will often hear the word “empepillar”.


“Empepillar” means “to get dressed up” or “to get fixed up”. This word is most likely used when Dominicans dress up nicely for a certain occasion. When a person dresses up in a different way in which he or she is accustomed to do so.

Example 1:

¿Para qué ocasión te estas empepillando? / For what occasion are you getting dressed up for?

Example 2:

Me voy a empepillar, ¡esta noche tengo una cita! / I’m going to get dressed up, tonight I have a date!

Example 3:

No te empepilles tanto, ¡porque vas es a sudar mucho! / Don’t get to dressy, because you are going to sweat alot!