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We love Casa de Campo!

This is the essence of Casa de Campo Living! This site is simply our desire to keep our friends, family and ourselves up-to-date on everything that is happening in Casa de Campo.  This little project started as far back as 2006, as a silly little blog (many of the original posts still intact) that simply spoke about one persons’ opinions, ideas, photos, rants and raves about Casa de Campo.

It’s matured since then. In 2008, the little blog began getting a little more interest and became more than just a hobby. It has since then grown into an unofficial source for timely information on all things Casa de Campo and is now on a mission to help build closer ties within our community. After all, together we are Casa de Campo!

Our commitment

Our commitment is to provide valuable information in a timely and fun way. While we are committed to accuracy, we try not to take ourselves too seriously and look forward to having some fun with everyone.  If you feel like getting involved, please let us know – we gladly welcome any and all help and encourage community participation!

We will NOT be a site dedicated to selling you anything and everything under the sun, rather we will promote things, at no cost, that we feel may indeed be of interest to those of us who live, work and play in Casa de Campo.  In order to pay our bills, we will be offering advertising opportunities, but we hope to make them as clear as possible – at no point are we interested in misleading anyone.

Get involved!

We hope to get as many people in our community involved with this project! If you are, or know someone who may be, interested in writing, photography, promoting / covering events, organizing clubs, tournaments or events – we want this site to be yours! Our goal is to recruit as many members of our community to contribute to the site, on either an occasional or part-time basis!

If you love Casa de Campo as much as we do, or if you are slowly falling in love, then we hope you will enjoy this site, and give us any feedback, the good and the bad, which you feel will help us improve and make the site even more useful.

Keeping this site up-to-date requires help from all our readers and we are grateful to all our contributors! If you have something to share, or just to tip us off – please do not hesitate to contact us! We really really want to hear from you. Please dont make us beg. Just fill in the form below! 

Your privacy, our priority

Your information is sacred to us and will under no circumstances be misused. Should you grant us the responsibility of having any of your private information, we promise not to misuse it.  We, like you, hate spam.  We do not tolerate it, nor will we have anything to do with it.  While we will be sending out information on a regular basis, we will only send it to our friends who have specifically requested it – your information will not be sold, prostituted, pimped or shared.

We promise to be 100% SPAM FREE. Seriously, we hate spam.

Our photos

We love taking photos! And we love sharing them with you! However, the photos published on Casa de Campo Living are our legal property – which means that if you want to use them you have to ask our permission first! All our images are available in high resolution at very reasonable rates.

We are, yet we are not, Casa de Campo

Legally speaking we are not Casa de Campo, rather an independent company.

On the other hand, we feel that the very essence of Casa de Campo is its vibrant community, for which we are honored to be part of, be a voice for, celebrate with and help nourish and grow. Our real commitment, which we take really seriously, is in fostering the wonderful sense of community between our neighbors. So while may not officially be Casa de Campo, we feel we are all working towards the same goals – keeping Casa de Campo the wonderful jewel it is, and making it a little better every day.

Publish me, don’t publish me!?

Yes celebrities are a small, but fun part of our community and we believe that they are also entitled to some undisturbed R&R. To this end, if you are someone ‘important’ or work for someone who is, we simply ask that you give us a call ahead of time and we will do our best not to publish anything until after you/they have left. That said, if it is global news, or on their blog, Twitter or Facebook… well that’s really not fair to ask us not to publish, we are after all a news website. That said, our community is unique in that rarely do we fawn over celebrities, so its never really huge news, nor something that will drive considerable traffic. The moral here is, reach out to us and let us know when we can post something. Otherwise we will hear about it and we will publish about it.