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As Casa de Campo is a private resort, access is restricted to Casa de Campo villa owners and their guests, as well as hotel guests. Although for most guests, access is complimentary, for some guests there is a daily “resort registration fee.” The following is a summary of everything you need to know about the fee, access to Casa de Campo and registration.

What is it?
The resort registration fee is a charge which visitors who have rented villas or apartments privately must pay to gain access to Casa de Campo and use of the resort’s facilities. This fee is not new.

How much is it?

  • USD$25 per adult per night (adult = all persons over the age of 12 years)
  • USD$12 per child per night ( child = age 4 to 12 years)
  • FREE – children under the age of 4 years

This registration fee applies to short-term rentals up to one month.

Is there still a per villa registration fee?
Not anymore. In lieu of the per villa registration fee, the new fee structure is on a per person basis, the intent being to address not only access to the resort, but use of the various facilities, security, landscaping, etc. There is no group rate or per villa rate – each person must be registered under their own name.

Who must pay the registration fee?
Essentially anyone staying in a privately rented villa must pay the registration fee.

Do guests of the Casa de Campo Hotel pay the registration fee?
No, this is already taken into account in their pricing structure.

Do the personal guests of villa owners have to pay the registration fee?
No, house guests of villa owners do not have to pay the registration fee, though they must follow the appropriate registration procedures.

Does the family of a villa owner have to pay the registration fee?
No. Children, parents and in-laws of villa owners do not pay the registration fee and are entitled to their own automatic car pass and Casa de Campo ID for access to Casa de Campo and its facilities.

Where/when is this resort registration fee charged?
The resort registration fee is to be paid by the applicable guests prior to entering Casa de Campo. It is payable at the Casa de Campo Villa Owners Club located at the main guest entrance (La Puerta/Entrada Principal).

Registering late or very early arrivals
The Casa de Campo Villa Owners Club is open daily from 8:30am to 10pm, with extended hours on special occasions.  All visitors arriving within these hours will be able to register and immediately gain access to Casa de Campo.  Late/early arrivals must be advised at least 24 hours in advance in order to arrange for a Villa Owners Club concierge to expect them, complete their resort registration and pick up their ID cards.

What does the registration fee include?
Each person registered will receive an ID card, which will detail the dates of their stay – after which the card will no longer be valid or accepted. This ID card will grant the individual named on the card access to the resort, as well as the various facilities, including:

  • Personalized courtesy service from the Villa Owners Club concierges to coordinate transportation and make restaurant and resort’s sports and activities reservations, including:
    • Equestrian Center
    • Shooting Center
    • Tennis Courts
    • Cygalle Healing Spa
  • Access to golf courses and advance tee times reservations at applicable rates
  • Use of Fitness Center at villa owner’s preferential rates
  • Use of towels and chaise lounges at the pool in the main hotel area and Minitas Beach
  • Use of courtesy internal hotel guest transportation
  • Rental of touring carts for transportation within the resort, based on availability
  • Access to discounts, special offers and promotions for private rental guests in hotel’s restaurants, sports facilities and activities.
  • Access to the services of Central Romana Medical Center

What if the registration fee is not paid?
If the resort registration fee is not paid, the unregistered guests will not be able to gain access to Casa de Campo. To gain access you must either use your automatic pass, show your Casa de Campo ID or show any other form of ID, from which the security staff will be able to check your access authorization from the computer database they have at the entrance checkpoints.

Accessing the resort facilities
To gain access and use the Casa de Campo facilities, a Casa de Campo ID, Hotel Guest ID or Registered Guest ID must be shown. Visitors trying to use facilities without the appropriate identification will be turned away. See above for a list of facilities requiring resort registration.

The Villa Owner’s Club offices are available to answer any questions or to provide additional information:

Main Entrance Office:
Telephone: 809-523-2161 and 809-523-8939
Fax to 809-523-8316
E-mail or

Main Hotel Area Office
Telephones: 809-523-2079 / 2080 / 8077 and 8107
Fax: 809-523-8316

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