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Welcome back to our fun and educational Dominican English Dictionary, in which every week we learn more of the words that are used daily in the popular slang of the Dominican Republic, our target is to set a better understanding between Dominicans and foreigners.

Dominicans are a creative people, something which is specially evident, in the way we talk – often using words that are not listed in the dictionary.

If there is something Dominicans love a lot, is eating, so this time we bring you the word “jartura”, a very popular word throughout the Dominican territory.


“Jartura” means to be full, referring to food. Dominicans use this word when they’ve eaten in excess, I mean, to the utmost. In simple words “jartura” means “eating without measures or limits”

Example 1:

Dominican 1: Wow, no pude ir a la fiesta ayer, ¿como estuvo todo?/ Wow, I could not go to yesterday’s party, how was it?

Dominican 2: ¡Espectacular, la comida estaba muy buena y me dí una Jartura! / It was spectacular, the food was great and I ate so much!

Example 2:

Desde que llegue a mi casa me voy a dar una Jartura/  When I get home I will eat until I explode!

Example 3:

Me voy a dar una Jartura de Arroz, Pollo y Habichuela… ¡ahh y aguacate!/ I will eat a truckload of rice with beans and chicken… oh and avocado!


Now that you already know the meaning of this Dominican word, here is a graphic representation of what a Jartura looks like:

No, this man is not the host of an alien baby, he just has a Jartura!