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The Dominican Republic is a unique country, not only for it’s beautiful landscapes and impressive historic monuments, but also for the charisma and flavor that characterizes our people, we make ourselves noticeable anywhere we go… especially when it comes to our unique and colorful way of expressing ourselves!

Dominicans are a creative people, something which is especially evident, in the way we talk – often using words that are not listed in the dictionary.

And so… Welcome to the Dominican/English dictionary, a section in which we will introduce words commonly used by Dominicans in daily life! This week we start with a word perfect for the weekend…


“Jumo” (who – moe) means “to be very drunk”, or “to be wasted” or rather reaching an extreme state of inebriation or drunkenness.


Anoche, él tenía un tremendo jumo”  / OMG! Last night he was so wasted!

Now that we already know the meaning of this Dominican word, here’s something fun to help you with the pronunciation:


It’s easy, you just have to pronounce together the interrogation “who” and the name of one of the “Three Stooges”- Moe! WHO-MOE!