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Well, well we have reached the sixth article of the Dominican English Dictionary and we assure you that we still have lots of words to learn. Remember put into practice the words we have learned so far (jumo, guayarsedeguabinao, jartura, yeyo).

Dominicans are creative people, something which is specially evident, in the way we talk – often using words that are not listed in the dictionary.

If you or someone else is not really good at a game or sport and suddenly makes a good play, a Dominican will probably say “eso fue una CHEPA” (you just got lucky). Here we bring you the meaning of this Dominican word and clear examples for better understanding:


“Chepa” means “good luck “ or “fair chance”. Dominicans use this word when things or opportunities that are extremely unlikely, to happen to them or their friends. It is also used when someone has a problem and they resolve it out of good luck.

Example 1:

Dominican 1: ¡Ey loco, me saque la loto! / Dude, I won the lottery!

Dominican 2: ¡Qué Cheposo! / You are so lucky!

Example 2:

¡Pase ese examen por chepa! / I passed the exam out of luck!

Example 3:

¡Metí un canasto de 3 puntos por pura chepa! / I scored a 3-point shot in basketball because of pure luck!