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Here we are once again to present you our Dominican word of the week, we hope with this edition we may be able to expand your Dominican vocabulary knowledge and entertain you with our peculiar form of speech.

So far we have learnt jumo, guayarse, deguabinao, jartura, yeyo, chepadiqueempepillar, moriqueta, therefore if you missed out on any of your classes you have time to catch up by clicking on any of these links found above.

You may have noticed Dominicans are creative people, something which is especially evident, in the way we talk – often using words that are not listed in the dictionary or maybe they are and are pronounce in a different manner, which is why we’re here to help!

When a Dominican describes a person who has a bad appearance, is unneat or messy, we use the word “decricaje”.


Decricaje is a state of untidiness in your appearance.

Example 1:

¡Mija! Y ese decricaje? / Darling! Why  do you look such a mess?

Example 2:

¡Juana tiene un decricaje! / Juana is looking sloppy!