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Hello to every scholar in the Dominican language! Welcome to this new edition of our fun and educational Dominican English dictionary, if this is the first time you read our dictionary, we would like to invite you to become acquainted with the words that we have previously published; jumoguayarsedeguabinaojarturayeyochepa, diqueempepillar.

Dominicans are creative people, something which is especially evident, in the way we talk – often using words that are not listed in the dictionary.

When a Dominican gestures with his face that maybe are not very flattering to his facial features, it is said that he is doing a “moriqueta”, actually the word exists in the Spanish dictionary but the correct way to say it is “morisqueta”.


“Moriqueta” is a gesture made with the face, usually to express a feeling of displeasure at a situation or person. Sometimes it is done to make fun of other people behind their backs or when food is unpalatable. Synonyms for “moriqueta”, can be: pulling face, frowning.

Example 1:

“¡Muchacho que dejes de hacer tanta moriqueta, pareces un mono!”/ “Dude stop making faces, you look like a monkey!”

Example 2:

“Mientras la profesora escribía en la pizarra, Juanito le hacía moriqueta  a sus espaldas”/ “While the teacher was writting on the blackboard, Juanito was making faces behind her back”

Example 3:

“¿Y por qué haces tanta moriqueta? -¡Sabe a rayos esta comida!/ “Why do you pull your face that much? – The food is terrible!”