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It’s time to add another word to our Dominican-English dictionary! In the past, we posted regular articles that helped our readers understand some of the most popular “Dominican” words or phrases, expanding and refining their local vocabulary with something interesting, but also very useful! For better communication within this wonderland that is the Dominican Republic, let’s get started…


This week, since most will be enjoying a nice meal to welcome the new year, we have a very popular phrase used by many, “Barriga llena, corazón contento” this translated to english would be “Full belly, happy heart”. The phrase refers to one of the pleasures of life, eating.

It basically means, “if our belly is full our mood will be the best, we will be happy; Our heart will be happy.” 


Dar banda, Desacatao, Dique or Dizque, klk, gaviarse, jumo, guayarse, deguabinao, jartura, yeyo, chepa, empepillar, moriqueta, decricaje, motete, pinta, timbí, clavo, chapusero, manganzón, titua, jociador, pecozón, pariguayo, chivato, quillao, bultero, agallú, arranca’o, apero, amemao, bojote, boche, tiguere, guamaso, chichón, pelelengua, batatas, coro, detaltalao, carajito, arretao, chin, aficiao and many more!

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