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A new week means a new word… better said a new Dominican word! We hope this week has been wonderful, and full of learning, so as a bonus to you all, here we add a little fun knowledge of the Dominican language.

Our hope is to facilitate a better understanding between Dominicans and foreigners, which is why we’re bring you one Dominican word per week, to help you comprehend our unusual yet creative form of speech.

The word of this week is “timbí”, this expression is used to say that someone has eaten beyond satiety. Usually this happens on big holidays like New Year’s Eve or at Christmas or in general for those who love to eat in large quantities.


“Timbí” means “eat beyond satiety” or “eat too much”. It is when someone eats to “fill his stomach completely.”

Example 1:

¡Toy timbí! /I am more than satisfied, because I ate until I got satiated!

[“Toy” is another Dominican word… it’s a slang version of “estoy” meaning I am.]

Example 2:

Dominican 1: ¡Juan tiene que estar timbí! / Juan ate a lot!

Dominican 2: ¡Sí, todos estamos timbí!/ Yes, we all ate a lot!

*Synonyms: stuffed, sated, glutted, gorged, full, satisfied.
(You can substitute the word “timbí” for any of the synonyms stated above).

Note: Dominicans also use “jarto” to describe someone who is “timbí” or “full”.

So far we have learnt jumo, guayarse, deguabinao, jartura, yeyo, chepadiqueempepillar, moriqueta, decricaje, motete, pinta, therefore if you missed out on any of your classes you have time to catch up by clicking on any of the links found above.

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