Dominican Dictionary Gaviarse

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Another week, and also another Dominican word in order to keep refining your Dominican vocabulary with something fun, but also very useful for better communication within this wonderland that is the Dominican Republic.

The word of this week is “Gaviarse” which would be a conjugation of the verb “Gaviar” if it existed of course. “Gaviarse” is a word used when referring to climbing up something; a tree, a wall… you get it, right?


Dominicans use this word to refer to the act of climbing up something. Plain and simple.

Example 1:

Dominican 1: ¡Wow, mira ese mango de ahí, en lo más alto de la mata! Se ve que ‘tá buenísimo. Pero no puedo subir tan alto. / Wow, look at that mango right there, in the top of the tree! It looks delicious. But I can’t get that high to get it.

Dominican 2: Vamos a buscar a Juancito, ¡ese muchacho sabe“gaviarse”  (or se gavea) en cualquier sitio! / Let’s look for Jhonny, that guy climbs up anywhere!

Since it’s a simple word, or at least its explanation is kind of obvious, I think we won’t need another example.

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