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Dominican English Dictionary: Pecozón

This post is also available in: Spanish

PecozónIn this edition of our Dominican English Dictionary, we bring you a new Dominican word, as always, you will find several examples with which we try to explain in the best way possible these words used daily by Dominicans.

Our hope is to facilitate a better understanding between Dominicans and foreigners, which is why we’re bringing you one Dominican word per week, to help you comprehend our unusual yet creative form of speech.

The word of this week although in fact this word exists in the Spanish dictionary as “Pescozón” most Dominicans use it without the consonant “s” and say “Pecozón”. In Dominican this word is used when someone is bothering you.


1-“Pecozón” means “slap”, hit (someone or something) with the palm of one’s hand or a flat object

Example 1:

Dominican 1:  No me molestes si no quieres un “pecozón” / Stop bothering me unless you want a “slap”

Dominican 2: Está bien disculpa, no lo vuelvo hacer / Ok sorry, I will not do it again

Example 2:

Él le dio un “pecozón” en la mejilla /  He slapped her in the face.

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