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The members of our multinational Casa de Campo community have mastered the art of Dominican slang thanks to this weekly Dominican English Dictionary.

This week we define arretao”. “Arretao” is a word used when referring to someone who is always ready to face and endure danger or pain, acting with courage and determination in light of risky or difficult situations.


Dominicans use the word “arretao” to refer to a very daring, fearless, brave or courageous person.

Example 1:

Dominican 1: ¿Cual de ustedes se atreve a probar de este picante mexicano? / Which one of you dares to try this Mexican hot sauce?

Dominican 2: Yo no me atrevo a probarlo pero el “arretao” aqui es Juan. / I don’t dare to try it but Juan is the brave one here.

Example 2:

Dominican 1: Ese tipo esta loco, hay que ser bien “arretao” para subirse en esa mata de coco./ Hey, I think this man is crazy, cause you must be very courageous to climb on that coconut tree.

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