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Dominican English Dictionary: Aficiao

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Dominican-DictionaryAficiaoAnother busy and fun weekend in Casa de Campo and we keep refining our Dominican vocabulary, our goal is to provide you, our dear readers, with something fun, but also very useful for better communication within this wonderland that is the Dominican Republic.

This week we define “Aficiao”. “Aficiao” is a word used when referring to a man who is desperately in love with a woman and will do anything for her.


Dominicans use the word “aficiao” to refer to a man who is head-over-heals in love with a woman. In English we could also say “Crazy in Love” or “Madly in Love”.

Example 1:

* Two Female friends talking …

Dominican 1:  Rose, estoy muy nerviosa. No se que es lo que Jhon quiere hablar conmigo/ Rose, I’m really nervous. I don’t know what Johnny wants to talk to me about

Dominican 2:  ¡Oh amiga! No seas ingenua tu sabes que ese tipo está “aficiao” de ti, a lo mejor te pida que seas su novia / Oh friend! Don’t be so innocent, you know that guy is madly in love with you, maybe he’s going to ask you to be his girlfriend

Example 2:

Dominican 1: Recuerdo cuando estaba “aficiao” de Martha  / Wow, I remember when I was crazy in love Martha

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