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Dominican English Dictionary: Coro

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Dominican_Dictionary_CoroA new week means a new Dominican word! We hope this week has been wonderful, and that we can make it better by adding a little fun knowledge with Dominican slang…

The word of this week is “coro”. Dominicans rarely use the word “coro” (which is chorus in English) to refer to a musical choir… it is most often used to refer to a group of friends who get together to have a great and fun time.


When a Dominican says the word coro“, he/she might be referring to a party or hangout, when a group of friends get together to share a good time, usually it includes great music, food and lots of jokes.

Example 1:

Dominican 1: Hey, ¿supiste del “coro” que está planeando Laura? / Hey, did you know Laurais planning a party?

Dominican 2: Ella no me ha invitado todavía/ She has not invited me yet

Example 2:

¡Que aburrimiento! Deberíamos hacer un “coro” ahora mismo / It’s so boring! We should be hanging out right now

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