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Hello community, hope you are having a good weekend in our tropical paradise! Once again we bring you the Dominican English Dictionary,  so you can better understand with your Dominicans friends.

With this column you get one Dominican word per week to help you comprehend our unusual, yet creative form of speech.

The word of this week is “batatas”. The word “batatas” has two meanings, the main one relates to the “Sweet Potatos”, a root vegetable widely used in this country… but no my friends, that is not the meaning I want to show you this time, because use the word “batatas” to refer to a part of the body. ¿Wait, what? Incredible but true, we also call like this to refer to the “calves” (lower legs).


Depending on the context, when a Dominican says the word “batatas”, he/she might be referring to the body parts which are known as calves or lower legs.

Example 1:

Dominican 1: Hey mi hermano, ¿por qué estás caminando cojo?Hey brother, why are you limping?

Dominican 2: Es que tengo un dolor terrible en las “batatas”/ I have a terrible pain in the calves.

Example 2:

Ayer corrí tanto que no me siento las “batatas”. /Yesterday I ran so much that now I do not feel my calves.

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