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Crave-worthy Chocolate Cake: Eating healthy doesn’t have to mean giving up dessert!

Divine and healthy, two words you wouldn’t think go together? They do. Many can admit to being chocolate lovers, relishing the creamy, sweet, melt-in-your mouth sensations, but chocolatey desserts filled with sugar, high fructose corn syrup, and artificial ingredients leave our bodies feeling unsatisfied. In the past four years, raw plant-based desserts have been my […]

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Casa de Campo Living magazine is here and presents your 2018 Healthy Lifestyle

New Year New You might be a cliché, but our winter edition of Casa de Campo Living magazine has many ways you can get on track with being your best self. From stories on motivation and healthy habits to eating well, filling your personal environment with bright and happy décor, polishing your skill set at […]

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Ki-Ra’s Wild Kids Summer Camp

We are sure most of you have noticed the temperature rising, which can only mean one thing… summer is upon us! For those of us with kids, it’s also time to think about fun activities they can do over vacation but that will also teach them something. This is where Kyra Montagu at Ki-Ra Holistic Living comes in. […]

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Time to detox our body and mind with Ki-Ra Holistic Living’s first retreat of the year

After everything that goes on during the holidays once the new year begins we find ourselves feeling a little lethargic and tired, and sometimes even anxious about what the year will bring. This is where Ki-Ra Holistic Living comes in; a mind and body detox retreat is just the thing to rejuvenate ourselves.

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Ki-Ra Holistic Living’s Gift to Yourself: A Silent Detox Retreat this December

Trust. Allow. Be. This December, detoxify the mind, body, and emotions from stresses and schedules that infiltrate your state of peace. Finding balance is one of life’s most challenging undertakings, and can be made even more so during the holidays. Sometimes we get too wrapped up in the busy season of shopping, parties, and work projects to finish […]

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Ki-Ra’s Youth Summer Camp, a Fun and Enriching Experience for Kids!

Summer is upon us and it’s the time that many parents think about activities for their little ones. This summer is promising to be fun with a number of summer camps like the American Sports Academy Camp and of course Casa de Campo is going to be alive with activity, but if you’re looking for an interesting […]