Why we fall out of a healthy routine and how to get back on track!


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How many times have you decided to start eating healthier or exercising more? The positive intentions are there but you find it difficult to stay committed. It is a fact that eating healthy, exercising, and being more mindful make you feel better, yet often you find yourself running away from these realities.

The story goes something like, “I found a sport I truly love! Yes, I am going to exercise at least 5 times a week. I promise I am sticking to this routine. I am finally getting in the shape I want. I am also going to meditate in the morning, drink green juices, eat more vegetables…This is it, it’s happening!” The list goes on and on, and tends to be endless. We find the things we enjoy and we promise ourselves we’ll stay devoted.

For a time, we are motivated and we realize how good we feel. We are more energized and overall much happier, even asking ourselves why didn’t we start this earlier. Fast forward a few days, or for some of us lucky ones — a couple of weeks, and we find ourselves with ZERO interest in anything health-related. Patterns arise like, “I had a piece of cake at lunch today so the day is already ruined; I might as well keep on eating.” By the end of that day, you’ve had more desserts and junk food than an 8-year old at a birthday party!

The motivation vanishes and you find yourself not interested whatsoever in exercising and much-less in eating healthy. You probably just want to “relax”, watch TV, and disconnect. This is exactly what we do, we disconnect. We justify to ourselves the countless reasons why we can’t… “I’m too tired, too busy, or in a bad mood. I am not feeling it today.” We drag this negative energy and self-talk on for so long that eventually we need to re-find our way back to a healthy lifestyle.


So, why do we keep falling into this trap if we know how good it makes us feel to commit to our resolutions?

We think it is because we are lazy, but trust me it takes far more energy to be miserable than to be happy. Throughout the years, I have been down this path countless times, and that’s how I came to try so many different diets, sports, and magic pills. Always with the impression that we are not where we want to be because we didn’t find the “perfect” plan yet. The truth is, the problem doesn’t lie in the plan. The reason we fall back is our “ego.” Too often, we let it take center stage and control our lives. Spiritually, our ego represents our false perceptions of fear. Our ego is what makes us think that we will only be happy when we have this, when that happens, etc.

When someone is miserable they typically refuse to do any of the things that they know will make them feel better, and instead thrive on all the bad, allowing a vicious cycle to occur. If your best friend were unhappy would you tell him or her, “Darling don’t worry, lay on the couch all day, don’t leave the house, and definitely keep on eating those foods that make you feel bloated! You are doing amazing and you’ll be back on your feet in no time…” Of course not!

Our ego thrives on our misery because it thrives on fear, and when we are unhappy we tend to be very fearful and insecure. A lot of self-hate arises, and unfortunately, this satisfies our ego. But, there’s hope — where there is love there is no fear. Once we become conscious of our negative self-talk, we gain control. Our egos don’t disappear, but now we know it’s crucial to love ourselves in order to succeed, and to continue to practice that love. There is no space for negative habits and we know that it’s crucial to use our energy to get ourselves onto the right path again.

There will be days when you don’t feel like doing much and it is ok. It is totally ok as long as you support yourself, as long as you love yourself.


Here’s a few suggestions to help you stay on track:

— Listen to your thoughts and stop shutting them down. Once you realize what’s really bothering you, the best thing to do is address it.

— You are your best friend. As cheesy as it sounds, you need to start nourishing your relationship with yourself. Which means forgiving yourself and supporting the promises you made. Love your body and mind!

— Push yourself. Ultimately this battle with our ego will get better with time, once you accept that he or she is not in charge. At first, you will have to push yourself to go to that yoga or tennis class. I know it’s not what you want to hear, but we have already established that you are so much better off when you do. So, if you want to get better then do what makes you better!

— Dress for success. If you spend your day wearing clothes you are not comfortable in, you will feel uncomfortable. Instead of saving a nice shirt for a special occasion, wear it whenever you want. We all thrive when we like the way we look. It is not a materialistic notion; it is about dressing to be the person you want to be.   

— Start with 3 goals for the week. The best we can do is to plan for reachable results.  Don’t over promise. Stick to realistic goals you can actually accomplish! Once you start crossing off tasks, the motivation keeps rising.

— Seek support. We all need accountability to help stay motivated. Find someone to be accountable to, a person who cares about you and wants you to achieve your goals.


MartinaturallyI help women find their way to health and balance in all aspects of their lives. Health means much more than eating your greens; it involves everything from work, family life, and our inner thoughts… Anything that is affecting us.

There is no point to give you a list of foods to eat if you are feeling miserable because eventually you will fall off that healthy meal plan since there are many more factors affecting you that kale won’t solve. I am here to be your ally and help you find your own way to happiness and health.

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