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Join Ki-Ra Holistic Living holiday activities this Easter week

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Easter is a time for festivities, reflection, and family gatherings. This year, Ki-Ra Holistic Living has organized several activities to celebrate this time and help rejuvenate ourselves to take on the rest of the year feeling energized and optimistic. 

Ki- Ra is a unique Holistic Center located right outside of Casa de Campo where one can retreat to find peace, one’s self, and get in touch with nature. At Ki-Ra, a genuinely holistic lifestyle is practiced. This week they have two activities to celebrate Easter. On Wednesday, April 12th Kyra has designed a day of fun for the kids that includes yoga, an Easter egg hunt, obstacle course, pool time, healthy balanced meals, and an evening bonfire – parents are also welcome to join in on all the fun! The day starts at 10:30 am and will run until 8:00 pm. 


On Friday, April 14th you are invited to spend a day of meditation, receiving instruction on the path to spiritual well-being and deepening your knowledge and meditation practices with Kyra’s guidance. It will be a day of yoga, reflection, and ayurvedic food – the perfect way to spend Good Friday along with like-minded friends and companions. 

To reserve your space for either of these activities, call (809)-902-8491 or emailing [email protected]. We guarantee you will leave energized and feeling your best, ready to start the new week!



When: March 12th

Where: KI-RA Holistic Living, Boca de Chavon

Time: 10:30 am – 8: 00 pm

Cost: US $90

Contact: Tel: 809-902-8491; email: [email protected]; website:



When: March 14th

Where: KI-RA Holistic Living, Boca de Chavon

Time: 10:00 am – 6: 00 pm

Cost: US $80 or US $90 (including boat ride from La Marina to Boca Chavón)

Contact: Tel: 809-902-8491; email: [email protected]; website:


KIRAKi-Ra is a place where you can come and have the experience of holistic living taking as much or as little as you want. Holistic living literally means a way of life that integrates all parts of connecting with nature and oneself; finding your perfect balance of health, fun, relationships with family, friends and the environment, living in nature in a comfortable way and fully enjoying all aspects of your life. The energy here is really peaceful so you can definitely escape if you want to or come and have some healing time with treatments and healthy food, but we are keen to emphasize that it’s meant to be a fun experience so that it remains something that you actually continue to do and enjoy after you leave.

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