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We are sure most of you have noticed the temperature rising, which can only mean one thing… summer is upon us! For those of us with kids, it’s also time to think about fun activities they can do over vacation but that will also teach them something. This is where Kyra Montagu at Ki-Ra Holistic Living comes in. She has prepared a very special Summer Camp program for kids to get in touch with natural rhythms and embrace holistic living!

Ki-Ra is a unique Holistic Center located right outside of Casa de Campo in Boca Chavón where one can retreat to find peace, one’s self, and get in touch with nature. Everyone knows Kyra Montagu as a respectable and caring naturopathic doctor, yogini and holistic health expert in Casa. In the past, she held the position as the director of the Casa de Campo Spa, and now dedicates herself full-time to cool projects like spiritual retreats with shamans and meditation workshops, all of which are located at her home just on the other side of the river.

From August 4th to August 12th, Ki-Ra will host a camp for the kids, ages 6 to 13 years old. It’s a week filled with fun activities they will not forget! They’ll enjoy bonfires on the beach, swimming, scavenger hunts, capoeira, mud baths, obstacle courses and more outdoor activities. A number of physical and emotional health benefits will impact them and teach a healthy-living lifestyle. Also, a fully organic and healthy diet with only the freshest local supplies is provided from Ki-Ra’s own garden.

A week enjoying outdoor activities is something our kids really need in this technology-filled era. Give Ki-Ra a call to find out more about this summer camp and sign-up! 

Ki-Ra Holistic Living Wild Kids Summer Camp

For: Kids ages 6 to 13 years old

When: Friday, August 4th – Saturday, August 12th

Price: USD $750 

Where: Ki-Ra Holistic Living; Boca Chavón

Reserve your space by calling 809-902-8491 or emailing


Facebook: KiRaHolisticLiving

Instagram: @KiraHolisticLiving


 Ki-Ra is a place where you can come and have the experience of holistic living taking as much or as little as you want. Holistic living literally means a way of life that integrates all parts of connecting with nature and oneself; finding your perfect balance of health, fun, relationships with family, friends and the environment, living in nature in a comfortable way and fully enjoying all aspects of your life. The energy here is really peaceful so you can definitely escape if you want to or come and have some healing time with treatments and healthy food, but we are keen to emphasize that it’s meant to be a fun experience so that it remains something that you actually continue to do and enjoy after you leave.