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“Wellness” is a word heard so often around the globe these days but, what does it mean to us and how can we tap into it in Casa de Campo? I mean, waking up and seeing the sun shining and the sparkling sea has got to be classified as wellness.

At the Spa we view Casa de Campo as the ultimate wellness destination where there is genuinely “something for everyone”. There are few places in the world that can claim to be a modern day oasis for health and happiness with such space and scope for outdoor adventure and exploration.

One of the most inspiring wellness experiences that I get to have in my work here is when people come to “retreat”. Retreat is a name we use for a personalized program of wellness activities designed to reignite health, happiness and give the client renewed inspiration. They contact the spa saying that they want to come to Casa de Campo and spend some time with themselves, relaxing, doing some activities and treatments, eating healthily and unwinding from the stresses of their often fast-paced lives.

Recently, a friend now living in Europe, decided to come to “retreat”. She arrived a little grey round the gills, clutching her phone, slightly hunched over, practically exhausted and a little bit skeptical. She sat with me to discuss what her program should be. We talked about her cosmopolitan life, her job, which she recently left because it no longer challenged her; struggling with ill health and too many medications leaving her heavy, sad and tired; her life plans and how she wakes up every day unsure about what she really wants. It was decided that she needed to have some time in nature, to get into an exercise routine, to eat food that would nourish her overtaxed immune system and then relax and stop worrying about “what to do”.

The program consisted of daily treatments in the spa to cleanse and nourish, regular water treatments, a week of healthy eating, yoga, excercise, beach, books and sleep. I asked her to think about what she wanted from the week, told her to get a relaxing hot oil massage so she could begin to unwind and when she returned, having given it some thought, she replied, “I want to gently cleanse my body with the benefit of having a clearer, happier mind. I dream of feeling alive again and smiling infectiously.”

Her experience began with the water sanctuary, not something she was keen on. Just the thought of immersing herself in cold water gave her the shakes. We reassured her that cold is followed by hot water and then cold successively and that the results are incredible, but that she would only know by having the experience. It might not be as bad as you think and the “compensation” for putting yourself through this assumed “torture” will be an amazing massage and then a yoga and meditation class at the end of the day in the labyrinth. We reconvened at the end of the day and she was glowing, and smiling, actually raving about the healing benefits of the “torturous” water sanctuary!

The week continued with different activities and plenty of “free time” that was filled by relaxing on the beach, reading, reflecting, writing and, most importantly, allowing whatever came up to be a part of the experience. In order to change, we have to first surrender and accept who we are fully; how can we change anything that we are denying exists?

A few days in, she began to feel a little uncomfortable in her body; her night had been restless with anxious thoughts and her muscles were aching a bit. “How can this be when I am having daily treatments, stretching, learning to breathe deeply and generally cleansing myself?”. She was worried that perhaps she was not getting what she came for.

It’s a process of letting go. How can 10 years of stress, health issues, little time for enjoyment or “me-time” and constant go-go-go be released in 3 days? It takes time, self-acceptance and patience.

We went out to the countryside, lit a blazing fire on the beach and sat under the stars talking about life. There is something so grounding about being in nature, staring into the flames with the sea lapping at the rocks and the moonlight glistening on the water; we relaxed, chatted and just enjoyed the moments and each others company.

The joy for me about the “retreat” is that I get to share the experience, there is nothing more inspirational than self-transformation and being able to be with people as they have their own experience. It makes my heart sing.

The week is ending and we meet for our final consultation before this dear friend heads back to her fiance, her life and her city. She is smiling, actually she is beaming, her skin is glowing and she has a spring in her step. Of course, this is just the beginning of a new phase for her, but at least she has given herself time, space and the opportunity to reflect on and practice what she really wants: health, happiness and an emotionally fulfilling job.

And isn’t that what wellness is? An integrated happy, healthy and fulfilling lifestyle that we create for ourselves based on what we like and what we believe in. Here in Casa de Campo we live in a place where people want to come to reconnect, replenish, rejuvenate and, ultimately, reignite their own wellness. Let’s live by that motto!

If Kyra’s friend’s experience sounds like something you would be interested in, we encourage you to read the Bikini Bootcamp article, which includes details about itinerary and pricing for the upcoming group retreat, scheduled for December 2nd – 6th. Bikini Bootcamp is as much focused on your physical wellness as it is on your mental well being. Join us for 5 days of “rebooting” in Casa de Campo.

Holistic Bikini Bootcamp

When: December 2nd – 6th, 2015

Where: Casa de Campo


  • USD$1,200
  • USD$2,000 (with stay included)

Organized by: Casa de Campo Wellness Spa & Ki-Ra Holistic Living

Contact: Casa de Campo Wellness Spa (809) 523-8529,

Kyra Montagu, ND, is a naturopathic doctor, specializing in herbal medicines, ayurvedic practices, holistic healing therapies, tropical nutrition and yoga. Kyra was trained in Spain, the UK, India and Venezuela; has boundless enthusiasm for what she does and her training and passion have helped her choose the holistic lifestyle she lives today. She’s eager to share this experience – having a huge appreciation for nature and helping to develop mind, body and soul with a healing sense of fun. Kyra was brought up in London and Casa de Campo and directs The Wellness Spa at Casa de Campo, bringing an additional holistic offering to the resort. The focus at the Wellness Spa is on the whole; using local, organic products and authentic treatments to deliver an assured sense of overall wellbeing.