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Something sparks inside of you… perhaps you saw a movie, read a quote or a story, or caught sight of someone inspirational. It comes to you like a web of woven ideas, and you are excited about these new goals and feel as if you could do them all. You may want to dedicate more time to yourself, start a new career, get in shape, commit to a healthier lifestyle, and travel more… the list goes on and it’s different for each of us. We all have goals and want to achieve them. Our intentions tend to be numerous, and before we know it we have too many things to do in one day. We start out feeling empowered and challenging ourselves to implement new habits. Until a few days pass and we’re overwhelmed. Before we know it, we are back to our old selves.


Why can’t we stick to the promises we made to ourselves?

The key to reaching your goals is committing to one, maximum two things at a time. We can’t expect drastic changes overnight, and having a huge To-Do list won’t get us closer to our dreams. It takes 21 days to create a new habit. After that, we’re within our means to add on a new intention!

It’s all about attitude!

Form a relationship of support with yourself; when you love and respect yourself, your words and commitments carry a heftier weight. See yourself as a friend. You’re much less likely to sabotage a friend’s goals. Work from the result you want backwards and figure out the steps to achieving them. For example: I want to be fit. In order to be fit, I need to exercise more and eat healthier. Decide how many times per week can you stick to your exercise routine and your healthy meal plan. Call your trainer, pay for those yoga classes in advance, commit with a friend, and schedule that activity like it’s a meeting you can’t cancel!


Change your approach

You may have to do things differently. What you’ve tried for a long period of time to achieve hasn’t worked, so change your approach and attitude towards it. There is enough time to make everything happen; it’s about priorities. Once you are clear on what you want, you will find a way to make it happen. Everything you long to do is important, and should be non-negotiable.

Track your progress

Write your goals down and have them clear; tape that piece of paper somewhere you see it daily. A great way to stick to your resolutions is to find someone to be accountable to. Knowing there is someone else you need to check in with always helps. Document all that you have achieved and give yourself a reward for staying committed! It is so easy to see the glass half empty when in fact it is half full. If your goal is to get in better shape, take weekly pictures of yourself. You will notice how quickly your body is responding, things that a scale won’t do for you as you gain muscle mass.

The ultimate “List of Objectives” is very valuable, and I like to add onto mine with a vision board. Collecting a collage of inspirational pictures helps you instill and preserve motivation.

Special thanks to Martina Avanzini de Pinto

* This article was previously published in our sister magazine Casa de Campo Living Winter 2017 edition.