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With time sometimes things need to change, renovate, and update to bring forth new and exciting stuff! This is precisely what we have seen happening with some of our usual favorites and with new places that we can’t wait to experience! Below are some of the restaurants that are currently closed and info on when they’ll reopen!

La Casita, La Marina

La Casita is hidden in one of the most romantic spots in Casa de Campo – along the pier of the Marina Casa de Campo, surrounded by the sea, jumping with fish, and lit with the light of many yachts. The restaurant closed a few weeks ago for maintenance to ensure that they continue offering their clientele what they know best – delicious food, the freshest seafood, tasty sangrias and indulgent desserts. They will reopen again this Saturday with their usual schedule, everyday from 6 p.m. – 11 p.m. Having closed on Sundays over the summer, they will be open everyday in the winter! One more day of the week to indulge in exquisite food! We hope that they also bring back all the wonderful activities we are accustomed to, like Flamenco Nights!

La Casita, the best option for seafood, will soon be closing for remodeling

We’ve complied some of our favorite dishes below. Take a peek and check out La Casita before they close for remodeling! Read more here.

Fresh Fresh

If you’ve been around Altos de Chavón this week you might have noticed that one of our favorite spots for healthy wholesome food is closed! No need to panic! Fresh Fresh is currently closed for maintenance but will be back in a few days offering us their fresh meal options. If you haven’t visited them in a while, you might want to go soon especially considering they have some very interesting new menu items that you have to try. For example, if you go in the morning for breakfast, check out all of their new egg-based options! Umm Umm good! We’ve also heard that they will soon be something new in Fresh Fresh… once we get all the details, we will be sure to let you know!

Appetizing Spring Dishes in Fresh Fresh

The spring is in full bloom. Here are some of our favorite dishes and smoothies from Fresh Fresh in Altos de Chavón to enjoy during a warm spring afternoon. Head to the cobbles for fresh food and friendly atmosphere! Read more here.

Onno’s Bar and Restaurant

Onno’s is one of the first places you are able to spot once you arrive in Altos de Chavón since it sits right across from the amphitheater. If you are a night person you’ll get a chance to enjoy all that is available with them late into the evening, but have you noticed that they are closed during the day? Back in September, the restaurant reorganized its hours of operation to opening at 5 p.m. Since then, they have done some remodeling and redecoration all in accordance with their tiki concept; it’s pretty cool!! Unlike the other establishments, they continue to open for part of the day, everyday for happy hour and parties with DJ Mackenzie. Plus, they boast superb brick-oven pizza and great menu options. We heard that they will be back to their regular schedule next month!

ONNO’S Brick oven Pizza

What’s better that a nice hot, cheese dripping delicious pizza?! Having it made in a brick oven, of course! Don’t get me wrong, if it’s made in a regular gas or electric oven I’ll take it! But there’s something about the taste of pizza fresh out of a brick oven that makes you feel like all is right with the world. Read more here.

Now that we’ve mentioned some of the establishments we frequent, let’s turn your attention over to two NEW restaurants we are particularly interested in and we are sure you are too! 30Sinco and Bar Monaco are both scheduled to open THIS December and are bringing to Casa very appealing food options and bar concepts! We see workers in and out of the sites and hear what’s going on, but we can’t SEE anything on the inside! We can’t wait for December to come and reveal all! But if we hear – or see – anything in the meantime you’ll be the first to know!

30Sinco, a new Caribbean fusion restaurant and nightspot opening at Marina Casa de Campo!

In this Casa de Campo Living exclusive, we’ll be the first to tell you everything you want to know about 3oSinco (pronunced Tres Cero Cinco or trace say-ro sink-o), the restaurant and nightspot at the Marina Casa de Campo which is set to open THIS DECEMBER! The establishment’s managers gave us the insider’s scoop of what we can expect and you will love all the juicy details!!! Read more here.

Get to know Bar Monaco, opening at the old Papa Jack’s December 2016

This holiday season in Casa de Campo promises to be an exciting one, with new establishments, like 30Sinco re-freshening the dining and nightlife scene. Last month we let you know that Papa Jack’s was sold and closing, and today we are exclusively introducing Bar Monaco, the new stylish establishment that will take its place this December 2016. Read more here.