La Casita, the best option for seafood, will soon be closing for remodeling

Featured La Casita Closed for Remodeling 2016

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La Casita has been one of the most loved spots in town. In the heart of Casa de Campo, it sits at the Marina on the “Paseo del Mar” pier and is a perfect place to meet up with friends. Even with a lot of new openings in La Marina, La Casita is still the best place for freshest seafood, refreshing sangrias and indulgent desserts. Plus, who can forget this wonderful view?!

We’ve complied some of our favorite dishes below. Take a peek and check out La Casita before they close for remodeling!

Stir-fried catch of the day!

Stir fired catch of the day casita

Deep fried catch of the day filled with rice!

Deep fried catch of the day filled with rice Casita

Sizzling Steak on a Mofongo bed

Sizzling Steak on a Mofongo bed Casita

Complete with a mushroom sauce, it satisfies even the most demanding steak lover.

Salt encrusted Fish

Salt Encrusted Fish at Casita

So tender, this dish melts in the mouth and is presented in the most unique way.

With these deliciously fresh seafood options, we implore you to dine at the tasty restaurant before it goes under construction soon for remodeling. Afterwards, we’ll surely be back to check out their new decor theme and fresh food options!

Love Was in the Air at La Casita’s Valentine’s Day Concert with Masha!
Masha Casita

La Casita has always delighted us with interesting events like a Valentine’s Day concert with Masha. With a warm and charming atmosphere, it got even sweeter. Soft lighting, wine, flowers and Masha’s beautiful lyrics, LOVE was definitely in the air!


Casita Provisional LogoLocation:

Rivera del Rio (along the Paseo del Mar)

Tel: (809) 523-2529 / 5026

Hours of Operation: Daily 6pm – 11pm (closed some Sundays, call to confirm) (Closed on Mondays during low season)

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