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Cativía or catibía: Yucca version of the famous “empanada” by Rosa María Gómez “La Chefa”

Are you familiar with cativías or catibías? According to the Spanish Language Dictionary, catibía is the “flour that is obtained from the grated yucca, pressed and squeezed, with which a kind of pancake or tortilla is made.” In the Dominican Republic, and Cuba, the cativía or catibía is the yucca version of the famous empanada. […]

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Casa de Campo Living magazine is here and presents your 2018 Healthy Lifestyle

New Year New You might be a cliché, but our winter edition of Casa de Campo Living magazine has many ways you can get on track with being your best self. From stories on motivation and healthy habits to eating well, filling your personal environment with bright and happy décor, polishing your skill set at […]

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Sweet Vanilla: Growing the coveted spice in Casa

In the verdant tropical mountains of the cordillera septentrional are vanilla orchid vines growing in the soft breeze of the Alizé trade winds. The nutrients provided by the organic forest floor, the Atlantic wind and rain have provided vanilla planifolia, the orchid’s scientific name, with the perfect home. Located on Loma Azul, a small region next […]

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Join Gabriella Reginato this October to Cook like a Pro

Anytime is a good time to learn how to cook, but with the holidays approaching it seems almost vital! Parties and family gatherings are an opportunity to show your chef’s skills in the kitchen. Dare to impress with mouthwatering desserts, healthy alternatives, and big dishes that will leave everyone at your dinner table delightfully satisfied.

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Loving every bite with Gabriella and Zamira’s Chef’s Café de la Leche

If you’re looking for a quick recipe for hosting a party, these chefs know how to put it together! Within about 10 minutes, we watched Gabriella Reginato and Zamira Logroño whip up two delicious recipes that can be shared easily with friends and will have them all gathered around your table.