Changing habits is often not so easy to achieve, but if you have already made the decision to do so, you just need a bit of perseverance and that’s it. It does not matter at what point in life  you decide to start living a healthy life: it’s never too late.

Throughout life we ​​are acquiring, both unconsciously and consciously, some more or less healthy eating habits that depend on many factors and, although the ideal is to do so since we were little it is never too late to train the palate to eat healthier. Changing habits can be difficult but, in the end and after a while, it ends up becoming something natural and eating healthy will become a routine and much more pleasant and satisfying than many believe.

To begin to reeducate the palate to eat healthier you have to start by drinking a lot of water; choose fresh and natural foods avoiding processed foods; plan your grocery shopping in this way you only buy what you have on your list; prepare a weekly menu and cook at home, which allows you to “play” a bit with the way you prepare them so that it is more appetising – eating healthy CAN be fun and creative!

All these tips will help you to create a healthy routine but, what if you do not have time? Many suffer from this illness, we have so many things to do that we do not take the time to take care of ourselves. Lately, we have seen many healthy food businesses opening, they help us break the monotony with their creations giving us more options, here in La Romana we have an alternative that not only offers delicious food, but they also have delivery service, talk about very convenient!

Deli Fitness has a menu prepared by the nutritionist Rosa Mejía who is also the general manager. Every week they have a menu available with a numerous delicious dishes and best of all they also have dessert! See below a recipe that they shared with us of a delicious avocado pie. They also offer meals and desserts for vegans, gluten free, and for egg and lactose intolerant. If you have a work meeting, social event or for end-of-year activities you can contact them for healthy catering with different options to choose depending on the type of event or activity. If in the end you want to be able to prepare your food at home, they offer workshops all those interested in learning how to make desserts and healthy food. Give them a call and start living a healthier lifestyle by changing your eating habits!

Avocado pie

1 cup of toasted almonds
6 dates
1/2 cup grated coconut
1 large avocado
1 Greek natural yogurt
1/2 cup of coconut oil
1/3 cup of lemon juice
Lemon zest
Agave honey


Hydrate the ingredients of the base in hot water. Take them out well resorted to and process. Place in the mold.

In the processor place all the ingredients of the filling and put on the base, take the freezer for 2 hours.

Deli Fitness

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