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If you’re looking for a quick recipe for hosting a party, these chefs know how to put it together! Within about 10 minutes, we watched Gabriella Reginato and Zamira Logroño whip up two delicious recipes that can be shared easily with friends and will have them all gathered around your table.  For some, myself included, it was our first visit to Gabriella’s new cooking space in La Romana… Have you heard of Studio Cocina?! The awesome kitchen, great for social gatherings and cooking events with friends, was a cool new setting for the Hogar del Niño’s Café de la Leche. Ladies gathered at the studio, located on Calle Restauración #15 on the second floor of Edificio Don Jorge, and were greeted by a Cinco Gelato ice cream stand along with sangria! What a way to start a party! Chattering amongst ourselves, we soon took our seats to witness the duo prepare Spinach Dip in a bread bowl and Fried ice cream topped with Chocolate. YUM!!!
Café de la Leche at Studio Cocina, photo by Laura Perdomo
Gabriella explained using a bread bowl is an excellent serving dish for spinach dip because the inside part that is removed can be pulled apart, toasted, and used as pieces for dipping. Good advice for us cooking-newbies! The simple, spinach dip recipe just requires adding boiled spinach to sautéed onions in a pan, with cream of milk, cream cheese, and mozzarella. That’s it! Mix the ingredients together, add a touch of nutmeg and top with grated parmesan and you have yourself a sure fire winner. Serve it with crackers, pita bread, or toasted bread, or even add the dip to quiches, pastas, pastries or crêpes! You’re dinner party just got a lot more fun.
Spinach Dip, photo by Bryan de la Cruz
The room certainly became much quieter when it was eating time— we were savoring every bite. Not before long, we were on to dessert! As Zamira readied the already breaded and frozen ice cream balls for the deep fryer (they had been frozen to sub-degree temperatures! She says you can accomplish this freeze at home by freezing the ice-cream for longer periods of time), Gabriella taught onlookers a tasty, melted chocolate recipe. With cream, butter, sugar, corn syrup and a bit of salt, stir the mixture for about 3 minutes on medium heat, add semi-sweet chocolate and powdered cocoa until dissolved; then, pour deliciously over ice-cream and add cookies. 
Café de la Leche at Studio Cocina, photo by Laura Perdomo
The dessert was heaven— and we were ALL unanimously impressed the ice cream balls could be deep fried! First breaded and frozen in stages with flour and crushed nuts, the ice cream balls needed only a few moments in the hot oil before they were ready to be doused with chocolate. It’s no lie that many of us could have gone for seconds, or even thirds, this dish was to die for!
Fried ice-cream and Chocolate, photo by Laura Perdomo
Gabriella and Zamira’s Café de la Leche was an extremely fun way to enjoy the company of friends and great food. The monthly events for the Hogar del Niño always bring the community together in exciting and varying ways— from dancing at Genesis Nightclub to recognizing International Women’s Day, Café de la Leche events support a wonderful cause and invite you to have a lot of fun in the process. Stay on the lookout for the next one!!! For the complete recipe, CLICK HERE. The following gallery of photos were taken by Laura Perdomo on Thursday, July 13th: and Bryan de la Cruz: [nggallery id=2927]  


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