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What’s the real difference between a juice and a smoothie? With all the names being thrown around: cold-pressed, centrifugal, pure juice, smoothie… it can get quite confusing what you really want. Let’s examine how juices and smoothies are made along with their benefits… 


Martinaturally Juice

A juice is made with a juicer, which basically gets rid of the fiber found in the fruits and vegetables to produce just pure juice. There are different types of juicers on the market. The most common one which cuts the produce with a blade is a called centrifugal juicer. The next level would be a masticating juicer which instead of cutting the produce, it squeezes it. The advantage of purchasing a masticating juicer over a centrifugal is that the centrifugal juicer discards more of the produce during the juicing process. However good it is to juice, this kind of appliance overheats the produce and results in the loss of important nutrients. 

In some restaurants, juice bars, and supermarkets you’ll also be able to find cold-pressed juices which ideally are the best option. My favorite juice bar in the world is located in Milan and owned by a friend of mine who lives in Casa de Campo. Under the name Mantra Raw Vegan, she makes all of her juices cold-pressed, a method that preserves the most amount of nutrients and is most beneficial for our health. 

Benefits of Juicing:

A juicer gets rid of the pulp, making it easier for our bodies to digest and bring the nutrients straight into our system. Juices contain about 1 kg of produce. How likely are you to eat a kilogram of fruits and veggies in one meal?! Juicing is excellent because we are feeding our bodies with plenty of vitamins and nutrients. It’s the ideal meal or snack!

I particularly recommend juices to my clients who want to detox. They’re a great addition to your diet that satisfy your needs but keep your meals light and extra clean. More greens means more oxygen in our blood, which translates to more healthy cells and an overall greater feeling of well-being. Whenever I incorporate juices into my day I feel energized, healthier, and lighter.

Mantra cold-pressed juice

Watch out for:  

It’s best to drink your juices fresh. Avoid any brand selling juices in carton boxes that contain added ingredients to preserve them —the only ingredients your juices should list are the fruits and vegetables in them. Definitely opt for the greener, more veggie based options so you limit overdoing it with a sugary drink. Without the fiber, your blood sugar levels would simply spike. My ratio is typically 3 veggies to 1 fruit.

What to Buy:

Centrifugal Juicer by Breville at

Masticating Juicer by Omega at


A smoothie is made in a blender where the entire contents of the fruit and/or vegetable is kept and mixed together.

Benefits of Smoothies:

Fiber is wonderful in keeping our bodies satisfied and at cleansing our digestive systems. If you suffer from constipation fiber is your ally. It is so easy so sneak in extra nutrients in a smoothie. Add a green superfood blend like algae, wheatgrass, and beetroot — which is not necessarily something we crave just when we wake up in the mornings, but when mixed with fresh fruits this combination tastes amazing, and keeps our bodies fueled with energy for longer periods of time.

Cacao, coconut water, nuts, and hemp seeds are also all great additions to your smoothies. The creations you can make with smoothies are endless, and one of the best things about them is that you can turn them into a smoothie bowl! Let’s face it, that’s basically ice cream. Make it by freezing a peeled banana and adding it to the blender with some fresh fruits like strawberries. Finally, top it off with some superfoods and you’re good to go.

Martinaturally Juice or Smoothie

Watch out for:

Added sugars or dairy. We definitely want to keep it an alkaline and highly beneficial meal, so stay away from anything that might cause inflammation. This means no sugar (white, brown, agave, etc.)  or dairy.

What to Buy:

There are many good blenders on the market. My favorite one and one of the bests is the magical Vitamix. Another great, and more affordable, option to start off with is the Nutribullet. I’ve tried it and it works very well.

Whether you’re preparing a juice or a smoothie, both are healthy and easy additions to incorporate into our diets and daily routines. The choice is yours, now go have some fun!


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