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Flowers in Casa de Campo #8: African Tuliptree “Amapola”

Welcome to our eighth article in the series of posts ‘Flowers in Casa de Campo’, an insight into the many different types of plants found across the Casa de Campo complex. Today we bring you the “African Tuliptree.” Scientifically called Spathodea campanulata or Amapola, as is known in the Dominican Republic, is a native from […]

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Perfect plants to decorate your bathroom by Costa Farms

Decorating your bathroom with plants is not impossible. It is important to know the conditions of light, humidity and space in your bathroom to choose the right plants. Placing plants in your bathroom, not only brings style, but also gives it a natural touch, purifies the air and helps you relax from daily stress. Therefore, […]

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The many benefits of sleeping with plants by Costa Farms

Although there are multiple studies that confirm the benefits of plants for health, there are still many myths regarding them. The most common: Having plants inside the bedroom. How many times have you heard that “plants take away our oxygen” or that “sleeping with plants is dangerous” ? That is why in this article we […]

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Poinsettias: Facts and Fiction

What would the Christmas season be without poinsettias? Poinsettias are a longtime favorite holiday décor item because of their bright red color. These gorgeous plants are available in an eye-popping assortment of colors, styles, and sizes that will add holiday spirit to every room in your home. Poinsettias are a snap to grow, too. Just place them in […]

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The growing popularity of Succulents at Costa Farms

Summertime, summertime! Bright colors abound, Costa Farms Nursery makes a compelling case to shop for plants exclusively at their nursery in La Romana or through their distributors. Their gorgeous array of plant varieties is astounding, and one that’s trending this season is succulents. Fabulously popular for their attractive arrangements, succulents are also among the easiest plants to maintain—requiring watering only […]

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Discovering the Palms in Casa de Campo

There are more than 2,000 distinct species of palm trees in the world. Approximately 142 are native to the Caribbean, 35 to the island of Hispaniola, of which an estimated 23 cannot be found in any other part of globe, and 15 are listed in danger of extinction. The Palma Real (Roystonea borinquena), seen in the […]

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Get your plant and floral arrangements for the holiday season this weekend at Fall Fest with Costa Farms!

As you’re well aware, this weekend’s Altos de Chavón Fall Fest is one you do not want to miss! With an array of activities planned for Dueños 2016 and Halloween on Friday and Saturday, we want you to stick around Casa de Campo on Sunday for Chavón’s first-ever fall festival. Already lined up are several FREE events […]