Although there are multiple studies that confirm the benefits of plants for health, there are still many myths regarding them. The most common: Having plants inside the bedroom. How many times have you heard that “plants take away our oxygen” or that “sleeping with plants is dangerous” ? That is why in this article we want to demystify certain myths and give you more information on this topic.

Just as humans breathe, plants do too, and during this process they convert carbon dioxide into oxygen. There is a study conducted by NASA, which talks about how they purify our air, making it purer, cleaning all the chemicals and toxins in it. The benefits of plants are no longer just decorative, but of multiple health benefits that we must consider to lead a healthier and fuller life. So, are you up for the challenge of filling your room with plants?

In Costa Farms there is a special collection called O2 For You® that includes plants that purify our air and provide us with health benefits.

Aglaonema verde: This plant is ideal for beginners, because it is very easy to grow and low maintenance. Being an indoor plant is a perfect plant for your room.

Aglonema verde – Anglaonema
Aglonema verde – Anglaonema

Fern (Helechos): its volume and explosive green leaves make it one of the favorite plants inside homes. Placing a fern inside your room or in an empty corner will bring personality to your space.

Snake plant also known as mother-in-law’s tongue (lengua de suegra): its thick and spiky leaves have become very popular in interior design. Placing this floor inside your room would bring modernism and sophistication to your space.

Lengua de suegra – Sansevieria
Lengua de suegra – Sansevieria

Cala Blanca: spoiled by many. Its simple and elegant flower is one of the favorites. Its white color inspires tranquility and invites relaxation, perfect to receive you in your room after a stressful day.

Dieffenbachia: its peculiar design on the leaves and its double tone make it a different plant. It is very simple to grow and combine with different shades.

Dracaenas (several): they have always been the favorites for internal spaces. Its leaves with a lot of volume, their different shades and shapes, make them one of the most common to decorate spaces.

Dracaena Marginata Magenta

Zamia: thick leaves almost impossible to kill. It is a very resistant plant of easy maintenance that does not need much care. It brings an interesting green tone to your spaces as well as cleaning the air when sleeping.

Palms (several): classic plants, used to decorate many spaces. If you want to have a tropical look in your room, palms are perfect for this.

Philodendron (several): besides being very popular plants, they are very easy to grow and maintain. Their variety in shape, size and colors, make them very versatile to decorate as your space requires.

Palma Areca

Sleeping with plants not only brings decorative or health benefits, such as cleaning the air we breathe, they also provide an atmosphere of tranquility and serenity to our spaces. Let us all breathe better air surrounded by our favorite plants.

Costa Farms grows more than 1,500 varieties of houseplants and their beautiful nursery is just minutes away from Casa de Campo. A trip to their nursery is a treat in itself and it is an excellent way to view the extent of their offerings, new varieties, and purchase plants right on the spot! Perhaps the most spectacular displays of Costa Farm’s work are the public spaces and gardens throughout Casa de Campo, featuring colorful Bougainvilleas, towering palm trees, and other plants that have become iconic in the Casa landscape. Decorating your home is a no-brainer with the number of specialized personnel to assist you.  As leaders of the global horticulture industry, Costa Nursery is as dedicated to its international business ventures as much as it is committed to providing the best plants and landscaping services in Casa de Campo and the rest of the country.

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