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We already enter the best time of the year where we share with family, enjoy delicious food and music, and exchange gifts. When we are hosts and we receive friends and family at home we want everything to look flawless, part of this is represented in the decoration. When we embellish our home with decorative elements we always consider plants.

In this special time, Easter pines and flowers are an important part of the decoration of all homes. Not only do they bring Christmas vibe, color, and elegance, but they are a symbol of the best time of the year. In this edition we want to introduce you to pine and poinsettia, better known as poinsettia, and how you can include them in your decoration this year.

Mini Christmas pine

Although these pines come in small size they are loaded with a lot of personality. They are ideal to decorate your home or even to give to that special person. They come in three different sizes, which you can group giving an incredible balance to any corner of your house. The convenience of coming decorated makes them super versatile and practical, ready to place on your favorite table and that your home is impregnated with Christmas airs.

The best thing about these pines is that after the Christmas holidays, you can keep it, giving it the necessary care and enjoy a growing pine throughout the year.


Its deep red flowers are undoubtedly its main attraction. When we begin to see it in stores and decorations, we know that the happiest time of the year has arrived. This plant is very versatile, it looks great in a group as a centerpiece or individually on tables and shelves. The best way to highlight the color in your flowers is by placing it near a window; not only will it shine brighter but it will grow giving the best flowers. If you love poinsettia as much as we do, click here to learn about some key facts and myths we shared last year.

Decorate with the best plants and give a different touch to your home, where your guests will not only feel at home but will highlight the Christmas atmosphere. Enjoy these dates surrounded by what makes you happy.

Happy Holidays!

* Info and photos contributed by Costa Farms 


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