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National Holidays announced for the year 2023 – there will be 7 long weekends!

The Ministry of Labor announced the dates corresponding to the national holidays of the year 2023, in compliance with Law 139-97, which establishes the transfer of holidays. Law No. 139-97, dated June 19, 1997, on transfers for Mondays of holidays that coincide with Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, or Fridays, was published in the Official Gazette No. […]

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Dominican Republic celebrates the “Día de la Virgen de las Mercedes”

Yesterday, the 24th of September, the Dominican Republic celebrated “El Día de las Mercedes,” otherwise known as the “Virgin Mercedes Day.” Her devotion on the part of the Catholic population of the country begins almost from the discovery of the island, but it wasn’t until 1844, the year of the Dominican Independence, that the Virgen de […]

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“Día de la Restauración” – Today, the Dominican Republic celebrates the restoration of independence and new President Danilo Medina Sánchez takes power

 Today (the 16th of August) in the Dominican Republic we celebrate the “Día de la Restauración” (the Restoration of Dominican Independence), which was proclaimed with the “Guerra de Restauración” (Restoration War) on August the 16th of 1863 – a day which every 4 years is the day the newly elected President of the country claims […]