3 Kings Day

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Happy 3 Kings Day! This is one of the most eagerly anticipated national holidays in the Dominican Republic – for adults because it is day off, and for the little ones because it is a day they get gifts!

What is 3 Kings Day?

3 Kings Day, also know as Epiphany traditionally falls on January 6th, and is a Christian feast day to celebrate when the three wise men, or kings, visited the infant Jesus. This feast day follows the birth of Jesus Christ, which we celebrate as Christmas on December 25th.

Although in other cultures it is traditional to give gifts at Christmas (December 25th), here in the Dominican Republic we give joy and gifts on 3 Kings Day.

January 5th or January 6th?

You may have noticed that today is January 5th, which is odd because 3 Kings Day is traditionally January 6th… so what’s going on?

Well although 3 Kings Day is traditionally celebrated on January 6th, the national holiday has actually been moved to January 5th – to create a long weekend. This is something the government of the Dominican Republic does with two other national holidays – Labour Day, traditionally celebrated on May 1st, but this year has been moved to Monday May 4th and Constitution Day, traditionally on November 6th, but for this year has been moved to Monday November 9th. [Click here for the complete list of Dominican National Holidays.]

How do we celebrate 3 Kings Day in the Dominican Republic?

The Dominican Republic is a very religious country so for every Dominican this is also a very important occasion. It’s when the 3 Kings give presents to the children, which means this day is all about giving, especially toys for the little ones.

Sadly not all children always get toys on 3 Kings Day, which is why some people decide to help these kids and give out some toys, for example in La Romana, last year the First Lady of Dominican Republic Candida Montilla de Medina, visited the Hogar del Niño facilities to give out toys to the children on 3 Kings Day.

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