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Muralist 2501 shows pop-up art exhibition “Hidden City” in Casa de Campo

Last week, Casa de Campo community member and art curator, Edward De Valle II got a head start on Semana Santa festivities. A week whose plethora of events kept us on our toes and out late each night, Wednesday started it all with Jacapo Ceccarelli’s art exhibition “Hidden City” in Cacique 31.

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YdK’s first live music performance in Casa de Campo

We all adore live music concerts, they happen to be even better when performed by a close friend and community member. Yves de Keersmaeker performed his first showcase concert at the Casa de Campo residence of Edward and Matthew de Valle on Sunday, January 8th. The stage was set for Yves in Cacique 31’s backyard […]

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Casa de Campo’s Night of Horror at Simply Haunted Mansion in Cacique 31

We were seriously spooked out of our minds! “Was that you screaming in the maze?” I got asked after I passed through the torturous halls. “I couldn’t have been the only one!” I exclaimed. Brimming with cobwebs and skeletons suspended from the ceilings and walls, a moving Frankenstein with laser red eyes, giant spiders, and phantoms […]

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Casa de Campo’s Spookiest Halloween Party at Simply Haunted Mansion

It’s going to leave you shaking in your boots! The Simply Haunted Mansion Halloween Party and Annual Fundraising event by Edward and Mathew De Valle is anything but tame. Cacique 31 opens its doors on Saturday, October 29th to unsuspecting Casa de Campo Halloween guests who may not know what they’re in for! But don’t worry too hard, the […]

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Halloween Festivities and Epic Bashes Ahead in Casa de Campo!

Halloween in Casa de Campo is not for the faint of heart! With parties rolling in that are going to be off the charts this season, we recommend those of you who are skittish to stay on the lookout! As the upcoming festivities draw nearer, we hope you’ve picked out your epic costume to debut at […]

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Haunted Mansion Costume Party (PICTURES!)

Trick or Treat! Halloween weekend is over and we have to admit it was quite a spooky and busy one! Many of us (myself included) spent Saturday evening running between the Dueños dinner and several costume parties. By far, the Cacique 31 Haunted Mansion party was the most attended and elaborate one… and spooky!