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YdK’s first live music performance in Casa de Campo

YdK Concert

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We all adore live music concerts, they happen to be even better when performed by a close friend and community member. Yves de Keersmaeker performed his first showcase concert at the Casa de Campo residence of Edward and Matthew de Valle on Sunday, January 8th. The stage was set for Yves in Cacique 31’s backyard patio, complete with several chairs and lounges for guests, a stunning view of the pool, and the most brilliant night sky.

YdK Concert

Matthew opened the concert with a few words of welcome and on a heartfelt note said, “There’s nothing like love and music to get us through turbulent times,” referring to hard political times and recent gun violence. Edward added, “We’re so happy to have here friends and neighbors; [Casa de Campo] is one of the most spectacular places in the world and you have to be so thankful this evening that you have been able to enjoy such a wonderful holiday season. We welcome you back. Happy New Year.”

YdK Concert

Yves de Keersmaeker, who goes by “YdK” for his music, sang a range of songs, some flirtatious, others gentle and delicate. The artist who comes from Belgium and has a background in interior design and antiques dealing, drew in the crowd with his lively personality. It was clear why he had chosen to pursue a singing career and follow his passion. He often singled out audience members in the crowd to devote his attention, which added a spunky, impromptu element to his lyrics.

YdK Concert

Yves song choices comprised emotional lyrics that tugged at the heart and touched upon struggles we’ve all experienced over the years. “I try to sing songs that mean something to people, and give something to them,” Yves later explained. A mesmerized crowd swayed to the melodies and even held up lighters as candles. The very supportive community were happy to cheer on their friend, “Bravo my darling” came from the lady sitting just behind me. Soft jazz lyrics and cocktails under a starry sky were a wonderful way to end the first full weekend of the new year.

YdK Concert

Like a spotlight, a perfect circle formed around the moon and shone down on the debuting star. Yves is working on new songs, and will be shooting a music video in the Château de Chimay in Belgium in the coming weeks. We eagerly await its release, and will keep you informed on his next concert date in Casa de Campo!

See the photos from YdK’s first showcase concert on January 8th, taken by Wilfredo Alvarez, and the many friends who came out to support him:

A change of pace for Yves de Keersmaeker

Yves de Keersmaeker

When we are small we dream of being doctors, policeman, artists, singers, and more but very few of us actually pursue those dreams. We go on to work in industries that are very detached from our childhood ambitions, and even though we may like or even love what we do, there is still that small spark inside of us asking us what if? What if we decided to leave everything behind and try for our truest desires? This is what happened with one of our very own community members, Yves de Keersmaeker. Read more here!


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