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Casa de Campo’s Spookiest Halloween Party at Simply Haunted Mansion

Haunted Mansion

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It’s going to leave you shaking in your boots! The Simply Haunted Mansion Halloween Party and Annual Fundraising event by Edward and Mathew De Valle is anything but tame. Cacique 31 opens its doors on Saturday, October 29th to unsuspecting Casa de Campo Halloween guests who may not know what they’re in for! But don’t worry too hard, the elaborate evening is kid-friendly as well.

As the only haunted house in Casa de Campo, many donors have come together to bring you frightening details that may have you hiding behind the sheet you came in, as opposed to owning it like the ghost costume you meant it to be. Two entry ways allow guests to choose their ‘Night of Horror’ path, going left for an outdoor maze teeming with creatures of the dark, or right for a calm setting perfect for kids, elderly, or those who just don’t want to be spooked!

Haunted Mansion

The haunted mansion tells a story of a noble family who once lived in its corridors that now roam the dust lain and decrepit hallways after a mysterious accident, and the home is just now opening after centuries. Projectors in the main hall and ballroom will depict old black-and-white films of people dancing, and sheets and cobwebs covering the furniture will transport you right into the eerie past. You’ll definitely want to be your best-dressed self at this Halloween party, because the winner of the costume contest receives $500 dollars!!

DJ Edwardo Louder

DJ Edwardo Louder

DJs and live performers a plenty will keep us dancing all night long. The party includes top notch DJs like Edwardo Louder, who plays anything including Open Format, Deep House, 80s, 90s, and Progressive House and Latin rhythms. He is seen at the Dominican Republic’s best nightclubs and private parties, and currently is working with SBG Group in charge of selecting the music and talent for their many establishments. The night will also include live musical performers and a live band, in addition to DJ Miss Gem who you may remember from the last Café de la Leche tea party with Idarmis Cucurullo and Lauren Llenas. The DJ, composer and songwriter cultivated her talent at a young age and has been following electronic parties around the country. She’s deejayed in Madrid and for crowds of 50,000 so we can’t wait to party with her again this Halloween! The third DJ sees local artist Jose Martinez, better known as Joch, performing for the Casa de Campo crowd. It’s going to be a night full of music and fun!!

DJ Miss Gem

DJ Miss Gem, photographed by Mairobi Herrera

An evening of kid-friendly activities will allow your little ones the pleasure of playing games with friends and jumping around in a bouncy house fully chaperoned by attentive adults. Which means you can continue to hit the party, mingle and sip on complimentary drinks without worry what your kids are up to. Definitely an ideal spot for the whole family, Cacique 31 is a Halloween party fit for both children and parents.

Kid Friendly Halloween Party

This is the second year Edward and Mathew open their home for a haunted house, and this year contributions go to One Voice charity and the foundation El Ser Libre y Feliz who support the Father Sebastian Cavalotto Special Needs School. One Voice is a charity for families who have a child of any age with special needs; their mission is to join forces with 3rd parties whose companies are committed to corporate social responsibility in the Dominican Republic. One Voice not only seeks to help children with special needs but their families as well.

After a pregnancy scare 6 months into term, Edward and Mathew knew that they’d love their daughter no matter what and their hearts warmed to children and families with disabilities: “You never know; we are blessed to have a healthy child, but it gave us a new outlook on life and on people who are struggling with these issues,” Mathew tells Casa de Campo Living. They immediately sought out ways to help those less fortunate living in the Dominican Republic and have become avid contributors to the structural renovations of the Father Sebastian Cavalotto Special Needs School and its educational programs. For more information about the charities, email [email protected] and learn how and your donation goes a long way!

Admission to the Simply Haunted Mansion Halloween Party and Fundraiser can be obtained at or If you’re unable to attend but would still like to make a donation to the children that option is available as well!

See the invitational video below to the Haunted Mansion to get excited for the wicked night:

It’s important to note that access to the Haunted Mansion should be arranged in advance. It’s imperative not to wait until the last minute to do so. With so many events going on over the Dueños 2016 Weekend, last minute registration won’t be possible and we don’t want your night to be spoiled by not pre-planning!

For guest who opt to donate at the door of Cacique 31, note you, or your kids will be requested to make a VIP donation. For details on the different donation options visit the websites listed below. GET READY FOR THE ULTIMATE HAUNTED MANSION HALLOWEEN PARTY IN CASA DE CAMPO!

Invitacion Halloween

What: Haunted Mansion Halloween Costume Party

Where: Edward and Mathew De Valle’s Casa de Campo villa, Cacique 31

When: Saturday, October 29th

Time: 10:00 p.m. – 3:00 a.m.

Access: Arrange for admission to the Haunted Mansion via or where you can access details about suggested donations. All donations INCLUDE OPEN BAR ALL NIGHT!

All donations go to One Voice charity and Fundación El Ser Libre y Feliz.


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