Casa de Campo golf

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Casa de Campo golf

Ok so we’re already 1 month into 2015… but what do we have to look forward to this year in Casa de Campo?!

The Casa de Campo Park

Costasur Dominicana and Casa de Campo are currently working on plans for a recreational park. The project is expected to be partially opened in April 2015. This space dedicated to sports and recreation will be located within the long strip of land between the Los Altos apartment complex and the Dye Fore Lakes golf course. It will also border the “Vista Lagos”, as well as the “Los Flamboyanes” neighborhoods. The basic concept is to integrate the natural beauty of the area, taking special care to preserve endemic species of plants and wildlife, while also creating a space for the enjoyment of Casa de Campo villa owners, residents and guests.

Casa de Campo “Parkland Project”

park Casa de Campo

Click here to read more about the Casa de Campo Park project.

The Casa de Campo second main gate

Also scheduled for this year is the new Casa de Campo entrance, otherwise being referred to as the “second main entrance”, which will be located at the junction of the La Romana – Casa de Campo International Airport on the El Coral highway, and will connect to the resort at the security gate leading up to Altos de Chavón, close to the Barranca Este and Las Cañas neighborhoods.

casa de campo gate

Map of Casa de Campo and the “second main gate”

Click here to read more about Casa de Campo’s second main gate plans.


While we have already enjoyed one of the main events of the year – the Fundación MIR’s 25th anniversary celebration – the Magical Splendor Gala and Fashion Show (click here for an event overview), there is so much more to look forward to! You can check out the complete calendar on, but some of the highlights include:

baseball hall fameSalón de la Fama del Baseball Latino: Class of 2015 induction!

When: Saturday, February 07, 8pm

Where: Chavón amphitheater, Altos de Chavón

Tickets: Casa de Campo Villa Owners Club, Salón de la Fama del Baseball Latino Marina Casa de Campo, Orense Plaza, Banco BHD León, El Artístico

Hogar del Niño Fundraising WeekendHogar del Nino Ramon Menendez

When: Friday, February 13 – Saturday, February 14

Where: Casa de Campo

Contact: Hogar del Niño: (809) 523-8901,

Click here for more information and pictures of last year’s Hogar del Niño Fundraising Weekend.

Davidoff Art WeekendAltos de Chavon

When: Friday, February 13 – Saturday, February 14

Where: Altos de Chavón

Contact: (809) 523-2424

Click here for more information about the Davidoff Art Initiative

McDaniel Tennis TournamentHeader_McDaniel Tennis

When: Wednesday, March 11 – Sunday, March 15

Where: La Terraza Tennis Club , Casa de Campo


Click here for more information and pictures of  last year’s McDaniel Tennis Tournament

Polo Tournament: Copa Semana SantaCasa de Campo Copa Semana Santa

When: Saturday, March 21 – Sunday, April 05

Where: Casa de Campo Polo Fields

Contact: (809) 523-8951

Click here for more information and pictures of  last year’s Polo Tournament: Copa Semana Santa

We have many things to look forward to in 2015!

For more events and their information visit: