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It might not sound like a viable match, being healthy while on vacation? Vacations are all about indulging, being carefree, and allowing ourselves to do the things we normally wouldn’t. Yet, there are ways for us to avoid any post-vacation depression, because let’s face it, as vacations wind down we’re already a bit down. There’s no need to add on the extra frustrations of reality setting in when we realize all the effort we made to diet and hit the gym to look good for our holiday has totally vanished. It takes months to get in shape and just weeks to undo it! Martinaturally healthy travelingHere, I’m sharing some tips to stay healthy but the major lesson is: Be mindful and enjoy. Recently, I traveled to Italy and rest assured pasta, pizza, and wine were all parts of the equation… Why wouldn’t they be? But for me, it’s all about balance. Some may chuckle at the cliché but the key to life really is Balance. Balance means if you had ice cream after lunch, don’t have a second one after dinner, or at the very least not for the entire duration of your holiday. When we allow ourselves too many slip-ups, we switch to a mentality of self-destruction and often opt for many unhealthy choices. In Italy, for me, it meant enjoying all the traditional Italian dishes— pasta and pizza frequently at each meal— but walking everywhere while sightseeing and committing to drinking more water to compensate for drinking wine. Visiting a foreign country is a great moment to taste a new culture and by all means dive in! We love food; it brings us comfort and satisfaction. Of course, it feels amazing to eat all the food you like without feeling constrained (because hey, you are on holiday!), but there certainly are no rewarding feelings associated with overeating. In the end, we feel sluggish and often cranky.  That is why I insist on finding balance. Enjoy your holiday without remorse, have the food you’re craving, and indulge without over-stuffing yourself. The mind is very powerful; don’t waste your energy feeling guilty from your choices. It’s only ever you who makes you do anything. When the mind is at peace everything flows better.

Tips to staying healthy while traveling:

— Travel with a good dose of probiotics and enzymes to ensure optimal digestion. I usually take them after a meal once per day. They aid in your digestion and make everything run smoother. — Engage in a new sport outdoors or visit a local yoga studio or gym. Whenever I’m in a foreign country, I love trying new things like Soulcycle or hot barre yoga that I don’t have access to at home.   — Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Chances are you are indulging in frequently alcoholic drinks; hey, I’m not knocking it! Just commit to more water. — Bring your own food on planes. I pack mine in a tupperware: Quinoa salad, roasted veggies, or a Buddha bowl are all great options. Refrain from packing liquids, cooked food lasts longer. — Stretch while traveling and drink more than usual; air plane rides can be dehydrating. Apply lotion to your face and neck, stroke upward  to keep your skin looking tighter. — Be considerate to your body overall. There’s no need to deprive yourself, but truly no good excuses for a binging path. — Walk more. You’ll have a better chance to explore and be amazed by the long distances you rack-up simply by searching for cool attractions. — Try new foods; switching up your diet is highly recommended. When we eat the same foods over and over again our bodies tend to develop intolerances. — No guilty feelings allowed! Vacation is a time for unwinding. Staying positive, happy, and relaxing are no. 1 to a retreat well-spent. This goes for life too. Give yourself a break and maintain the balance.
  * Article contributed by Martina Avanzini, holistic health coach at Martinaturally.