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Jacqueline Banks Digestion Tips

It’s almost a given that most people will over-eat on Thanksgiving. Overeating, or even eating the wrong things, can wreak havoc on your digestive system. Years of eating foods that don’t agree with your body can also slow down your digestion. So when you couple that with eating a larger meal than you should, you may be in for some big trouble.

Try some of my suggestions to keep your digestive system running smoothly on Thanksgiving and throughout the holiday season.

Skip the water during meals

Downing big gulps of water with your food can dilute your body’s natural digestive juices making your natural digestion sluggish. Instead have some water before and after you meal, and if you really need a sip with your meal keep it very, very small!

Move your body

We’re all busy during the holidays but getting up and moving for even thirty minutes a day can help get your digestive system kicked into gear by increasing blood flow to your organs.

Slow down and enjoy every bite

Believe it or not, digestion starts in the mouth when your food mixes with saliva. Take smaller bites and make sure you chew your food until it feels mushy in your mouth. Your body will have a much easier time digesting food that has been properly chewed rather than big chunks of food that you rushed to get into your belly. You’re also more likely to listen to your body telling you you’re full when you eat slowly which makes it easier to avoid overeating.

Add some probiotic rich foods to your meal

Especially the meals that contain animal protein. As little as one tablespoon of sauerkraut or kimchi with your meal can help you digest animal fats and protein. If you don’t have any around, try adding some bitter greens, such as arugula, to your protein rich meals – they’re not probiotics but they help breakdown fats and proteins.

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Jacqueline Banks, who grew up in Casa de Campo, is a certified holistic health counselor and busy mother.

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