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Summer brings so much fun with it…ice tea, family outings, and of course, less layers! While we may not feel swim ready, it’s no reason not to enjoy ourselves! To help us curb any woes, Martinaturally is doing a two-week cleanse, from June 15-June 30, to help us feel lighter, improve our skin, energy level, digestion, and much more. Without crazy constraints, she offers tips and healthy habits to introduce into our daily routines.

To start out the cleanse, Martina Avanzini, holistic health coach and creator behind Martinaturally, without a doubt recommends drinking more water. Too often we don’t fill up on the minimum 64 oz per day, and in the summer heat there’s extra concern for dehydration. She challenges us to 2 glasses of water before breakfast, adding lemon is optional, to begin the day right.

She also encourages us to aim for at least one raw plant-based meal per day. Raw fruits and veggies nourish our bodies with vitamins, antioxidants, and enzymes, and she notes, “cooked food loses most of these values making it harder to digest and absorb all the nutrients.”

In her email blast, Martina provides a few recipes for smoothies for you to take in lieu of breakfast, because let’s face it, most of the time we’re rushing around so much we don’t make this very-important meal a priority. So get in those superfoods with a quick smoothie! Martina also shares a post-workout smoothie, because exercising and replenishing our bodies afterwards should never be ignored.

Head to her website,, to check out the specific recipe ingredients and make sure to subscribe to her email blast to enjoy daily tips on healthy living, especially throughout this 2 week #junecleansenaturally. Are you ready to join in?

To get to know Martina better and how she encourages all of us to lead healthier, happier and balanced lives see the video from her website below:

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