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Casa de Campo Living invites you to check out Martinaturally’s blog on healthy living, by Martina Avanzini. Launched earlier this year, her goal is to provide readers with advice and recipes to find their path to physical and mental happiness.

One of her core values that we just love is to, “Treat yourself like you would treat your best friend.” Too often we sway away from our own needs and goals that we would never allow a friend to do… so she is here to set us straight!

Below you will find her recipe for staying energized and healthy even during the winter:

This Ginger Boost is the best natural remedy out there. It has helped me with so many different discomforts; bloating, feeling constantly tired or swollen, symptoms of the flu, indigestion, sinus infection, you name it.

What impresses me the most are the benefits you get from this single juice. This ginger shot is the perfect tool to keep you energized and healthy all year but especially now during the winter. Our immune system gets weaker due to stress, changing temperatures, and viruses. The anti-inflammatory properties in this juice will boost your immune system to prevent you from catching a cold.

Ginger, the main ingredient, is a root that reduces inflammations overall in the body and is also a great decongestant. Particularly in alleviating digestion distress, relieve nausea, prevent a cold or treat a sore body. Ginger also boosts your metabolism, making you feel more energized and helping you eliminate toxins.

Turmeric (or Curcuma) is also a root from the ginger family. High in antioxidants, turmeric can prevent cancer cells from spreading in the body. Its strong anti-inflammatory properties are used to treat menstrual cramps, pain in the body, bruises, indigestion, and many others.

I will have Lemon daily in my morning routine. It flushes out toxins, treats constipation, balances the pH in your body and relieves a throat infection. This is probably the healthiest shot you will ever have. Depending on how I feel I will have this almost daily. This recipe serves about 3-4, the rest I store it in a jar in the fridge and consume it within two days.

Recipe makes 3-4 servings:

  •  5 medium to large pieces of ginger (about 5cm long)
  • Juice of one- two lemons
  • 2 tsp. of turmeric

*optional add 1 drop of oregano oil to disinfect your body.

Juice the ginger then add the lemon juice and the turmeric. Stir all together and enjoy.

Be aware this juice is very spicy so I recommend when taking it to have a fresh strawberry right after. You will feel the benefits immediately so the spicy kick will be worth it.  You can find all the ingredients in a local supermarket if the turmeric is not available the ginger and the lemon will do it.

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