Entrega de Regalos Dueños Group

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Entrega de Regalos Dueños Group

Dueños is the party of the year for villa owners. Casa de Campo is packed as everyone enjoys everything the resort has to offer. Dueños 2015 proved once again that the Casa de Campo community knows how to have fun!

Dueños 2015, hosted by Costasur and Casa de Campo for Casa de Campo villa owners took place this past weekend Friday, October 30th through Sunday, November 1st.

The event began on Friday afternoon at the La Romana Country Club with the “Entrega de los regalos” (giving out of Dueños souvenirs), which also included a cocktail demo and Pubbelly Sushi and SBG tastings.

The evening went on with a candlelight yoga class at 6pm followed by complimentary treatments by the SPA and a champagne and chocolate party at the Spa’s Water Sanctuary courtesy of SILGON (creators of CasaLife, Todo Casa de Campo and Casa de Campo Living).

Bright and early on Saturday morning, the fun-filled day of activities began with all the sporting events Casa de Campo has to offer; tennis, golf, shooting, horseback riding and the Casathon, as well as a polo match which was moved to Los Establos in Cap Cana.

This year, the event schedule also included an Open House at Kryolan Makeup Studio, Snag Golf, soccer clinics at FCBEscola, power fitness, Camp Frost for the little ones, and a round of Trick or Treating at the Marina.

The “dinner beach party” was set up at Minitas Beach where the party went on!

During the entire Dueños 2015 celebration we took thousands of photos, so please be patient while we organize them all for you to see. In the meantime here we bring you an overview of the entire event.

CONGRATULATIONS and THANK YOU to Costasur and Casa de Campo!

Entrega de Regalos

Entrega de Regalos, Dueños 2015

As has become the tradition, at the “Entrega de los Regalos”, Casa de Campo’s Dueños (villa owners) picked up their “goody bags” and enjoyed a feria of different events and activities set up by each Casa de Campo department – showcasing what it is they have to offer not only tourists, but also villa owners!

This time it included a Pubbelly Sushi and SBG tasting. Read more

Yoga at the Spa

Yoga, Dueños 2015

As the sun set on Friday evening, a group of villa owners got together at the Casa de Campo Spa’s Labyrinth for an invigorating and candlelight yoga class led by local yoga teacher and holistic life coach Kyra Montague, who is also now running the Casa de Campo Spa with Ki-Ra Holistic Living. The starry sky was the backdrop to what then became a “Wellness Party” at the Water Sanctuary sponsored by SILGON, creators of CasaLife, Todo casa de Campo and Casa de Campo Living.

Dueños Casathon

Casathon, Dueños 2015

Casa de Campo’s running community gathered at Minitas Beach, for a 5km circuit finished in as little as 20 minutes! Very impressive! read more here. 

Dueños Tennis Tournament

Tennis Tournament Dueños 2015

With the participation of Dueños big and small, the tennis tournament played at the La Terraza tennis club was divided into Doubles within 2 categories (Men and Women) and played in a individual scoring format with rotating partners. Read more here. 

Dueños Shooting Tournament

Shooting Tournament, Dueños 2015

Each competitor of the shooting tournament got 25 shots to prove themselves as Casa de Campo’s best marksman (and woman). Read more here.

Polo Tournament

The polo match scheduled for 3pm was moved to Los Establos in Cap Cana, where we hear some of Casa de Campo’s polistas are frequenting to represent our resort!

Golf Tournament

Golf Tournament, Dueños 2015

With nearly 200 Casa de Campo villa owners taking part on both the Links and the Teeth of the Dog golf courses, the Dueños golf tournament was a very popular activity. Read more here. 

Dueños Dinner Party

Dinner Party Dueños 2015

More than 1,500 Casa de Campo villa owners and their families enjoyed a fabulous night at Minitas Beach. With sand on everyones toes and an array of buffet stations, owners enjoyed a night of food, awards and dancing.  Speeches were presented by vice-president and administrator of Costasur Casa de Campo, Alfonso Paniagua, followed by the prize-giving ceremony and dancing! Read more here