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Shooting_DueñosIf there is something Casa de Campo villa owners love to try out during Dueños Weekend, this has to be the Dueños Shooting Tournament, which takes place at the Casa de Campo Shooting Center. Shooting_Dueños_4The most recent celebration of Dueños, was held on Saturday October 31st, and many Casa de Campo vila owners, were looking forward to getting their adrenaline pumping when shooting at flying clay plates during the Dueños 2015 Shooting Tournament. During the competition, each competitor had 25 shots to prove who deserves to be the best shooter in Casa de Campo. And this time Giselle Frias was who hit more shots in the Female’s category. In the men’s category the best performance was for Alex Ventura, while in the Junior’s category the winner was Pedro G. Troncoso. The winners of the shooting tournament and all the other tournaments held throughout the day of Dueños 2015 were awarded trophies at the Awards Dinner celebrated at the Playa Minitas later that same evening. Keep practicing and as we will be looking forward to next year’s tournament! Shooting_Dueños_1

Casa de Campo Dueños 2015 – Shooting Tournament results

Female category

Champion: Giselle Frías

Runner-up: Agatha Rodríguez

Male Category

Champion: Alex Ventura

Runner-up: Eduardo Jana

Junior Category

Champion: Pedro G. Troncoso

Runner-up: Sebastian Peralta