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Dueños_Tennis_1Continuing with the sporting activities of the 2015 Dueños Weekend, it’s time to report the results of one of the most physically-challenging events the Dueños Weekend has to offer. The 2015 Tennis Tournament was held on Saturday, October 31st at La Terraza Tennis Center, located in the heart of Casa de Campo. Dueños_TennisWith their rackets in hand, quite a few members of the Casa de Campo community headed out to the sunny courts to measure their skills against each opponent and compete for this year’s title. The Dueños Tennis Tournament 2015 edition was played in doubles, divided into two categories, A and B. The couple formed by Peter Lashchok and Rebecca Delgado were the winners in category A; while Magdalena García and Blanca Rivera were undefeated champions of category B. The runner-ups in both divisions were Lisandro Macarrulla and Anton Casanovas in category A, and Viktorija Seijas and Maria Mastrolilli in category B. The following photos were captured throughout the Dueños Tennis Tournament held on Saturday, October 31st, 2015. What a match! 

Dueños Weekend Tennis Tournament – Results


Champions: Peter Lashchok & Rebeca Delgado

Runner-ups: Lisandro Macarrulla & Anton Casanovas


Champions: Blanca Rivera & Magdalena García

Runner-ups: Viktorija Seijas & Maria Mastrolilli