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Bird expert Kate Wallace to take part in Summer Camp “Exploring the Past”

Broad Billed Tody

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Broad Billed TodyRecently, we did a series about the birds of Casa de Campo (see below)  but of course we don’t know as much about the birds as the American ornithologist, Kate Wallace, who will be sharing her knowledge this week as part of the summer Camp “Exploring the Past” at the Altos de Chavón Regional Museum of Archaeology.

Tomorrow, Wednesday July 16th, Kate will visit the Altos de Chavón Summer Camp and lead the campers around Altos de Chavón, helping them to identify all the birds seen in the Altos de Chavón area.

At last year’s summer camp, the first thing Kate taught to the kids all about the endemic bird of the Dominican Republic, then she helped the campers to create their own cardboards binoculars, and they also learnt how to draw birds (click here to read more about last year Kate Wallace’s visit)

If you would like your child to take part in this great experience you can enrol them on the Altos de Chavón summer camp just for the day, or for the rest of the week (it ends this Friday July 18th), see details below.

Kate Wallace and the campers, creating cardboards binoculars
kate wallace

Kate Wallace is an American ornithologist, who has been a resident of the Dominican Republic for many years, came to the country as a Peace Corps volunteer and her fondness for birds motivated her to stay in Bahoruco mountains, located in the South of the country, 20 years ago!

She has written extensively about Dominican birds and has given talks about them in many parts of the country. One of her most recent talks took place on May 9th at the hotel Dominicus Palace in Bayahíbe, following which she led a bird-walk around the Guaraguao protection center located in the Parque Nacional del Este (National Park of the East).

Archaeology, Exploration & Adventure Summer Camp 2014

When: Monday the 7th to Friday the 18th of July, 2014

Daily Schedule: 9am to 1pm

Age group: 5 – 10 years


  • US$140 (for the entire camp)
  • RD$600 (per day)

Reservations: (809) 523-8554, [email protected] (please reserve, space is limited)

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