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An important subject that always has a big impact on our lives is: taking care of our personal environment. Your personal environment refers to yourself, your home, and your office space. We feel at ease when we see something that pleases our eyes— which is not necessarily something expensive and materialistic. It can be an ambience or energy that has a calming effect. When we like what we see, we feel more relaxed and overall happier.

Entering a room where we really like the colors or the interior design, we immediately feel a sense of pleasure. The same happens when we finally decide to rearrange some furniture and make our space more inviting. A sense of comfort and ease doesn’t have to happen by spending a lot of money. It is about small changes and the attitude you have towards them.  

Essential oils

Some of my friends say the first thing they notice when walking into my home is they like the smell, and it’s simply essential oils. I like diffusing my favorites into my office or home. They lift me up. Actually, it has been proven that various scents, like citrus for example, enhance our mood. My current favorites ones are: ylang ylang, lavender, and mandarin.

Diffusing essential oils are a lot like choosing what to wear. Both have a big impact on your personal environment. I am the first one who will tell you, I could live in my leggings all week long. It feels great to be comfortable, but sometimes if I don’t care about how I look it affects my attitude and productivity. I have shirts that I consider less-pretty and only wear on days where productivity plans are close to zero, like Sundays. Yet, the moment I wear a special dress or shirt, my confidence level soars.


When we feel good about ourselves, people notice too! We radiate confidence and this has a positive effect on our day; we crush a business meeting at work or feel extremely excited about a new date, letting go of our insecurities. Remember, dressing up is for yourself, not others.

We shouldn’t apply much importance to outside perceptions, but crafting an environment we feel good in is up to us. I invite my clients to make an extra effort in the morning to wear something that makes them feel good about themselves. I invite them to paint a wall with a different color or energize their living space by rearranging their floor plan until they achieve a space they feel attracted to.

In your office, when you sit at your desk you want to feel inspired and start your day in a good mood. Some pictures you have hanging around might do the trick, an organized desk or a new comfortable chair, buying plants or hanging new shelves, all can all have a big impact on your mood. Let’s check out some simple steps below to improving your attitude towards your own personal environment:

  • Organize the mess; including inside those drawers that have been overflowing with clutter. Keep your space simple and clean.
  • Toss out unused items, especially in the pantry and fridge and fill them with delicious food that make you feel proud of yourself simply by looking at it.
  • Store produce in glass containers— not only are they more environmentally friendly, they last longer with the country’s intense humidity.
  • Throughout your home, opt for lighter colors that bring you peace.
  • Buy plants! They look great and provide us with oxygen that purifies the air
  • Diffuse your favorite essential oils. I don’t recommend burning candles— they often contain lots of nasty chemicals that we shouldn’t be breathing in! Or, just make sure you are using a natural one.
  • Dress to impress yourself. Wear what makes you feel confident and worthy, because YOU ARE, and everyday will be special because of how you feel on the inside that projects to the outside.

* This article was contributed by Martina Avanzini, holistic health coach at Martinaturally.