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When the snack monster attacks it can be hard to keep him at bay, especially if you’re not well prepared. Instead of letting yourself get to the point of complete  starvation where you don’t even care what you eat try preparing yourself for the inevitable. You know you’ll have a mid afternoon craving so why not be prepared? A great way to fill up is to make sure you get protein with your snacks, that way you can have the energy you need and ward off hunger until dinner time. It’s really just  as easy to pack a snack with an ice pack as it is to pack a preservative filled shelf-stable snack.

Here are some great snacks to try:

Hard boiled eggs

A protein and nutritional powerhouse eggs make excellent snacks! Don’t be fooled into throwing out the yolk- that’s where most of the nutrition is. The deeper the yellow the more nutrition, the egg contains. So aim for organic, pasture raised whenever possible.

Nuts and Seeds

Loaded with protein and healthy fats these are so easy to take anywhere with you. Try mixing up a few snack size plastic baggies to keep with you whenever the snack monster rears its ugly head.


This yummy treat is simple to make at home and if full of protein and fiber. Dip some rice crackers in it for a hearty treat or keep it healthy by using raw veggies such as cucumber, baby tomatoes and carrots for dipping.


Not something you would typically think of for a snack but cooking up a large batch of quinoa salad can provide a week full of snacks. Mix in some fresh herbs and some very finely chopped veggies and then drizzle with some olive oil.

Apple and cheese

One of my favorites when apples are in season. The sweet, crisp taste of the apple goes perfectly with the saltiness of a sharp cheese such as pecorino. The sharper the cheese the less it will take to satisfy your craving.

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Jacqueline Banks, who grew up in Casa de Campo, is a certified holistic health counselor and busy mother.

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