Pubbelly Sushi
Pubbelly Sushi

Casa de Campo is currently undergoing somewhat of a food revolution. With a series of updated restaurant menus (The Beach Club by Le Cirque and Onno’s Sunday Brunch), successful event tastings this past weekend (Dueños 2015 Welcoming Reception), and now a new restaurant opening this month in Marina Casa de Campo, the Casa de Campo Resort is quickly becoming the Dominican Republic’s top “Foodie” destination.

The wait is almost over for Casa de Campo’s much hyped about restaurant, Pubbelly Sushi. We’ve referenced it a few times already (see here), and peaked around construction. Everything looks fantastic!!

The original Pubbelly Gastropub opened in 2010 in Miami Beach, and was so successful that the Pubbelly Restaurant Group now own and operate 6 restaurants with 5 distinct concepts, one of which is Pubbelly Sushi — whose concept is “Asian Fusion, Gastropub, Small Plates/Tapas”.

In Miami, the Pubbelly restaurants are know for their fresh, creative, flavor-packed cuisine, enjoyed in a casual tavern-like setting with chef driven menus. At the core of the company the belief has always been to provide value to costumers in all aspects of the operation, from boutique wine and craft beer programs to locally sourced products and innovative culinary techniques. “Visit any of the Pubbelly locations in Miami Beach and experience cuisine at another level,” boasts the Pubbelly Restaurant Group, well that’s something we can’t wait to enjoy here in Casa de Campo!

While of course the Pubbelly Sushi in the Marina Casa de Campo will no doubt have it’s own identity and menu items unique from the original Miami location, just to whet your appetite, on the menu at Pubbelly Sushi Miami you’ll find such delights as: Crispy Blue Shrimp — Brunei Shrimp with Lemongrass Ranch; Spicy Tuna on top of Arroz Pegao; Lobster risotto in a Sea Urchin with Uni foam, pimenton and masago; and Yellowtail & snow crab with yuzu and pubbelly truffle oil. Sounds delicious? It is… and it’s coming THIS MONTH to the Marina Casa de Campo!

Photography by @pubbellysushi on Instagram.