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Food_and_Wine_FestivalIt’s been over a week and we are still savouring (and now craving) some of the delicious things we tried at the Casa de Campo first Food and Wine Festival! As promised, we will be sharing individual articles about our favorite parts of the weekend’s festivities. The special lunch at La Caña with Saverio Stassi was certainly one of our favorites so get ready to see some appetizing pictures! Chef of Pat’e Palo and Lulú Tasting Bar, Saverio Stassi, came to Casa de Campo for a weekend to give our community and festival attendees a taste of his cuisine. Now, for those who are not familiar with Chef Stassi’s cooking, you must know that he is one the the most talented chefs in the Dominican Republic right now, most recently earning accolades such as the 2014 prize for best international restaurant in the country. Most foodies flock to Lulu Tasting Bar’s Sunday Brunches or Pat’e Palo exquisite dinners overlooking the Alcazar de Colón, both at the Colonial Zone in Santo Domingo. Dining at one of the restaurants that Saverio oversees makes for a truly exquisite gastronomic experience. Armed with Lauren Llena’s camera lens and incredible skills for food photography, my notepad and my friend Maria Perez’ appetite, these three foodie musketeers headed to La Caña to try everything in the menu… and we were even able to get a sneak peek at the behind-the-scenes production in the kitchen! Sneak Peak of the kitchen action before the meal Charles Keusters, Casa de Campo’s Director of Food and Beverage taking a sneek peak as well! CDCFWF15 Saverio Stassi Lunch, Charles Keusters We tried not to eat too much bread to save some room for the “real food”, but this bread was just too good! CDCFWF15 Saverio Stassi Lunch, Bread Chef Stassi’s personalized amuse bouche consisted of a salmon and tuna ceviche with a creamy citrus dressing CDCFWF15 Saverio Stassi Lunch, Amuse Bouche We hear that Saverio has a reputation for being considered a master a Foie Gras…indeed he is. CDCFWF15 Saverio Stassi Lunch, Foie Gras Neither raw nor cooked tuna with spicy in a hot garlic and oregano sauce with creamy chestnuts CDCFWF15 Saverio Stassi Lunch, neither raw nor cooked tuna with spicy in a hot garlic and oregano sauce with creamy chestnut Bass fillet topped with caviar on a spicy black bean stew CDCFWF15 Saverio Stassi Lunch, Bass fillet topped with caviar on a spicy black bean stew Beef Medallions with mushroom sauce CDCFWF15 Saverio Stassi Lunch, Beef Medallions with mushroom sauce Onto desserts (my favorite part of ANY meal hands down). Majarete with caramel popcorn and ice cream CDCFWF15 Saverio Stassi Lunch, Majarete with caramel popcorn and ice cream Saverio, you had me at “CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM INFUSED WITH COFFEE and CIGAR SMOKE” It was ACTUAL SMOKE people. And it tasted INSANELY DELICIOUS. [nggallery id=2329] There you have it! Our summary of Chef Saverio Stassi’s lunch at La Caña by Il Circo for the 2015 Food and Wine Festival. If you missed it, I have a feeling you were wishing you were there right about now! Care to join us at Lulu or Pat’e Palo soon?! Photography by Lauren Llenas.